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  • I live in Miami, Florida
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is Being amazeballs
  • I am Male
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{{Quote|Pussy boy don't want war|My catchphrase}}
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{{$quadfan}} {{Kennyist}}
=='''Video Game'''==
[[File:WDS2 KeyArt Logo.png|670px|center]]
==='''Favorite Characters (In order)'''===
<gallery widths="120" columns="5" spacing="small" captiontextcolor="accent" captionsize="large" orientation="portrait" captionalign="center" bordercolor="#000000" position="center" bordersize="medium" hideaddbutton="true">
IHW One Eyed Kenny.png|'''Kenny'''
Clementine 203 pp 2.png|'''Clementine'''
NTL Lee SCTM.png|'''Lee'''
IHW Nick Bed.png|'''Nick'''
AHD Pete Truck.png|'''Pete'''
AHD Carlos Thankful.png|'''Carlos'''
IHW Carver Reminding.png|'''Carver'''
Ben Nervous Roof.png|'''Ben'''
AHD Alvin Upstairs.png|'''Alvin'''
Nate Glance.png|'''Nate'''
WS Eddie Smile.png|'''Eddie'''
IHW Troy Babysitting.png|'''Troy'''
IHW Sarah Joyful.png|'''Sarah'''
250px-ATR Omid Outside.png|'''Omid'''
==='''Least Favorite Characters (In order)'''===
<gallery widths="122" orientation="portrait" columns="5" captionsize="large" captiontextcolor="#d63429" captionalign="center" spacing="small" bordercolor="#000000" position="center" bordersize="medium" hideaddbutton="true">
ATR Michelle Bathroom.png|'''Michelle'''
NTL Stranger Box.png|'''Stranger'''
SFH LarryBox.jpg|'''Larry'''
AHD Luke BW.png|'''Pedo'''
==='''Episode Ratings'''===
==='''Season 1'''===
{| width="100%"
| valign=top align=center | [[File:A New Day.png|215px]]<br />'''[[A New Day (Video Game)|A New Day]]:''' '''8.5/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Starved For Help.png|215px]]<br />'''[[Starved For Help]]:''' '''10/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Long Road Ahead.png|215px]]<br />'''[[Long Road Ahead]]:''' '''10/10'''
{| width="100%"
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Around Every Corner.png|215px]]<br />'''[[Around Every Corner]]:''' '''9.5/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:No Time Left.png|215px]]<br />'''[[No Time Left]]:''' '''10/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:400 Days.png|215px]]<br />'''[[400 Days]]:''' '''3/10'''
==='''Season 2'''===
{| width="100%"
| valign=top align=center | [[File:S2ClementinePhoto.png|215px]]<br />'''[[All That Remains]]:''' '''9.5/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:AHD_Embrace.png|215px]]<br />'''[[A House Divided]]: 10/10'''
| valign=top align=center |[[File:IHW_Kenny_Glock.png|215px]]<br />'''[[In Harm's Way]]: 9/10'''
{| width="100%"
| valign=top align=center | [[File:AmTR_Trailer_Bros.png|215px]]<br />'''[[Amid The Ruins]]: 7.5/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:NGB Clementine Snow & Gun.png|215px]]<br />'''[[No Going Back]]: 11/10'''
==Avatar gallery==
<gallery spacing="small" widths="151" position="center" orientation="square" captionalign="center" bordersize="medium" bordercolor="#000000" hideaddbutton="true">
DarkShadow667 avatar.jpg|Lee and Kenny brofist(Vintage)
Derk's avatar.jpg|Amazeballs Rick
YoungAnarchyRIP.jpg|YoungAnarchy's amazeball picture(Also used when I go full Anarchy)
ATR Nick Awkward Smile.png|Partial RapeFace Nick
Still not bit by riiachii-d6ysnmt.png.jpg|Badass Clem look
fat.gif|Rick G-Rhymes
Avatar for DarkShadow667.png|Laven's colored badass Rick
Rsz surprise rick mach 2.png|Surprise BUTTSECKS Rick V2
retarded keef.jpg|Retarded Keef
Full Keef.jpg|Me and Hippo getting money.(LOL)
Carlos ultra cum face.png|Carlos ultra cum face
Ezio fanart.png|Ezio Fanart
Full Rapeface Nick.png|Full Rapeface Nick
Bloody Mary avatar.png|Bloody Mary
==Kenny and his mustache!==
<gallery widths="142" spacing="small" orientation="portrait" bordercolor="#000000" captionalign="center" position="center" hideaddbutton="true">
AEC Kenny Tilt.png
LRA Kenny SupplyRun.png
AND Kenny Barn.png
NTL Kenny Apartment.png
IHW One Eyed Kenny.png
AHD Kenny Dinner Table.png
IHW Kenny Firepit.png
IHW Kenny Retribution.png
==My Niggas==
* [[User:Bloxxasourus|Bloxx]]
* [[User:SilentGlaive|Kaley]]
* [[User:InsaneHippo|Hippo]]
* [[User:GhostWolf716|Ghastbich]]
* [[User:Gravelord|Grave]]
* [[User:CamTheWoot|Cum]]
* [[User:KatieTheAndreaFan|Katie]]
* [[User:ZoraLink10nLink|Zora]]
* [[User:Paul ''Jesus'' Monroe|Jesus]]
* [[User:DominicT22|Dom]]
* [[User:WalkerMaimer|Vince]]
* [[User:Negan|Negan]]
* [[User:Riley Heligo|Riley]]
* [[User:Popozão|Tommy]]
* [[User:RazorWolfz|Razor]]
*[[User:Negan TWD|Negan TWD]]
== Memorable Quotes==
{{Quote|At the end of the last episode, Rick hears a knock at the door and says it's for Carl. I think it's Beth at the door and not actually Michonne, I don't know why lol But Beth is seen being separated from Daryl and lives to escape the forest as we've seen in promos. But she makes it to a field that looks like it's part of the neighbourhood the house is in. So I think Beth will be with us a while and actually get developed.|Some retarded anon's comment about 'After'}}
{{Quote|dic but.|[[User:GhostWolf716|Ghost]] using his infamous line}}
{{Quote|Naruto you are spewing so much retard I can't even think.|[[User:Phazon8058|Phazon]] burning [[User:Narutorulez|Naruto]]}}
{{Quote|first they rick and carl have sex, trulen vazquez dies, daryl rapes beth, beth has a baby|A vandal on [[Alone (TV Series)|Alone]]}}
{{Quote|Could've bought an ass for my bitch nigga.|[[User:Bloxxasourus|Bloxx]] singing his favorite song.}}
{{Quote|Cheria seems like a tumor spawner.|[NO NAME] expressing his opinion about [[User:Cheria|Cheria]]}}
{{Quote|Don't ride the subway after midnight. You'll be suffocated by retard.|[[User:Phazon8058|Phazon]] giving us Kennyist some good advice}}
{{Quote|Ok, Dark is my friend, but I don't condone editing othe rpeople's user pages egotistiacally.| [[User:ZoraLink10nLink|Zora]] putting me in my place after vandalizing [[User:KatieTheAndreaFan|Katie's]] page.}}{{Quote|This is fucking stupid like majorly fucking retarded. Wikia had this fixed for what a week straight and now it's back. What in the actual FUCK are they doing?! I swear if this is not fixed in the next two god damn hours I'm going to rip someone's FUCKING DICK OFF!!! | [[User:GhostWolf716|Ghastbich]] expressing his rage at Wikia fucking everything up}}
{{Quote|Her neck is just...FUCK| [[User:DoctorProfessorPatrick|Patrick]] about a picture of Beth.}}
{{Quote |Nigger, Better, Create A Character Feature| [[User:MaDrummer|Drummer's]] epic fail.}}
{{Quote|I wonder whether you'd still be an idiot if you'd had enough oxygen at birth?| Some Tiki dude insulting people on chat after being wrong in an argument}}
{{Quote|Lee Everett need a tow truck to carry his massive balls| Some youtuber about how badass Lee is}}
{{Quote|potato,potato.potato retarded potato cow goes moo th cat goes miow and the elaphant goes toot what does the fox say ning ning ning ning ning ning btw im thirt teen LOL| Some anon ranting about potatos on a page he made}}
{{Quote|Typical thug rappers, you get them in a big group and their hard as fuck. I seen an interview with that retarded ass nigger Chief Keef, his autistic ass couldn't even put together a decent sentence. They have to roll in a big crew. With 12 or 15 of them put together, they finally have enough IQ points to create some form of intelligence. Dumbass autistic niggaz who make money off the 500 dead in their city is the SHIT I DON'T LIKE. BANG BANG. Black Disciple gang? Please, more like the Dumb Shit Disciple gang. They may "beat yo azz" and kill you in a drive by. But I doubt they can read at a 7th grade level. They act like they're these bad ass gangsters| Some youtube comment ranting about how terrible Chief Keef is.}}
{{Quote|Naruto, my friend. You are truly an irritation. What ever happened to that break you were going to take from the Wiki? You were received a few lackluster goodbyes, left for a day, and you were back. And nice to talk to you Hippo.| Some anon expressing his opinion of Naruto.}}
{{Quote|I hate the walking dead wiki all u do is bann me I'm sobbing :(|[[User:Rick Grimes11824|Rick]] rage quitting the wiki because he was banned from chat.(For two hours at that)}}
{{Quote|Killing makes me hard| A user's deathnote on Town of Salem.}}
{{Quote|Brighton Sharbino i am lisandro ferrari gino i love you i Live in Rosario argentina i can are your girlfreind and for what's Carol kilo you in the walking dead pelease.| An anon expressing his love for Brighton.}}
{{Quote|Kaley has hanging ham between her legs.|[[User:Negan TWD|Negan]] about Kaley.}}
{{Quote|punch you in the titts lol|[[User:YoungAnarchy|Anarchy]] to Kaley.}}
{{Quote|Suck my cock fag|An anon to [[User:CamTheWoot|Cam]] on a thread.}}
{{Quote|Im just gunna keep coming back, why fight it? Give in, give in the sorry little whore you are, colin. Let me violate you, show you your place in this life as my bitch. Give in|Anarchy leaving [[User:Shellturtleguy|Shell]] one last "fuck you."}}
{{Quote|The crossbow that Pete uisess is the same one draly used in the TV show.|Some really bad trivia an Anon made on Pete's trivia section.}}
{{Quote|Whilst initially surviving with the apocalypse broke out, they often had kinky sex in an abandoned swingers bar, which is were they met Tyrese and Sasha, who had been watching too much Game Of Thrones and taken some tips of Cersei and Jamie.......When leaving the prison, Allen dragged Donna out of her grave and brought her too Woodbury were he boned her on a regular basis. She infact gave birth despite being dead to Blackie.......Blackie. Wow. What a guy. Lets just say, he grew up very fast. By the age of 4 he was already on triple figures in terms of kills. Despite not reaching puberty, he had already adopted the habit of raping the people he killed regardless of their sex. Many people believe Blackie is trying to set up a army of Half Human-Walkers, a super race. After the prison assault in the Mid-Season Finale of Season 4, Blackie is seen rushing in and raping as many dead bodies as he can in hope that they give birth to these creatures and his army can grow.|A vandal on [[Allen (TV Series)|Allen's]] page}}
{{Quote|Cool, Super Cool, Epic Cool, Mighty Cool, Ultimate Cool, Universe/Galaxy Cool!|Some [[User:EbonyLore|guy]] replying to me after saying what mediums I like in order.}}
{{Quote|I like to lick my scrotum and pretend that it's icecream. That means that Patricia is undead!|Some anon on a blog about statuses}}
{{Quote|not fucking funny. you bitch shut up fucking hell ive seen ten year olds wiith better comebacks stupid child.|An anon to [[User:Mrluka1998|Luka]] on a thread.}}
{{Quote|Thought Gabe would a nigger chance to kill one of the saviors|Negan's fail on the word 'bigger'.}}
{{Quote|RUN. IT'S RETARDZILLA!|[[User:Lee Dixon|Lee]] about a character on the movie, FoodFight.}}
{{Quote|We're really happy to have you here, and look forward to working with you!|MisterT welcoming me to the wiki.}}

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