aka ligma

  • I live in kalifa
  • My occupation is Drug Dealer
"I am dougras,you're not dougras,I'am dougras,you're not dougras,I'am here,I'am here with my bro Gabriel Miguel Samuel,had a couples here,had here,now have a bunch of bush here,now have a bunch of bush here,I am there,I am there,I am there,my friend,God is "bão",We are together,In the brazillian team playing Neymar,Kaka,Cristiano Ronaldo,Messi,Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player of soccer in the world "rapa" ,but we are ugly "fi"(no),I am ugly "fi"(no),you are ugly "fi" aeaeaamamemanaebaebaabababababaaaaaaaaaablublublublublublaaaaablublublublubluaaaaaaaaaaaabubububububuamamamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I AM DOGRAS YOU'RA NOT DOGRAS I AM DOGRAS YOU'RA NOT DOGRAS."
—Danny using LSD
Tumblr static nyan cat animation new

This User is ded lmao

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