Welcome friends zombie of The Walking Dead in the my page.

Hello everyone my name is Mark, are Italian, and in particular a huge fan of The Walking Dead. I follow the TV series and I know everything about it, even in the smallest details. Thanks to this wiki also follow the comic and noticed that there are many differences between the comic and television series.


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Thanks for ruining Season 3.


Season 1
Rating: 10/10
Walking-Dead 510.jpeg
Season 2
Rating: 7\10
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Season 3
Rating: 9\10
Season 4
Rating: 8\10
Season 5
Rating: 8.5\10


Episodes rating

Episode Image Title Score
1x01 S1e1D.png "Days Gone Bye" 10\10
1x02 S1e2H.png "Guts" 9\10
1x03 AMC TWD Tell It to the Frogs.png "Tell It to the Frogs" 8.5\10
1x04 Episode 4 Vatos.jpg "Vatos" 8.5\10
1x05 Wildfire g.jpg "Wildfire" 8\10
1x06 Ts-19.jpg "TS-19" 10\10

Episode Image Title Score
2x01 AMC TWD What Lies Ahead.png "What Lies Ahead" 9\10
2x02 Episode-2-rick-hershel.jpg "Bloodletting" 7\10
2x03 Episode-3-shane-otis-bleachers.jpg "Save the Last One" 7.5\10
2x04 Glenn-maggie.jpg "Cherokee Rose" 5\10
2x05 Rick & Shane & Glenn chup, 1.jpg "Chupacabra" 6\10
2x06 Lori and dale.jpg "Secrets" 6\10
2x07 Episode-7-rick-hershel.jpg "Pretty Much Dead Already" 9\10
2x08 Episode-8-group-funeral.jpg "Nebraska" 8\10
2x09 AMC TWD Triggerfinger.png "Triggerfinger" 6.5\10
2x10 Episode-10-shane-randall-rick.jpg "18 Miles Out" 8\10
2x11 AMC TWD Judge, Jury, Executioner.png "Judge, Jury, Executioner" 7\10
2x12 AMC TWD Better Angels.png "Better Angels" 9\10
2x13 Episode-13-group-highway.jpg "Beside the Dying Fire" 10\10

Episode Image Title Score
3x01 TWD GP 301 0509 0510.jpg "Seed" 10\10
3x02 Ep3 Brace Yourselves.jpg "Sick" 10\10
3x03 Merle-Milton-Governor.jpg "Walk With Me" 9\10
3x04 Walking-Dead-304-01.jpg "Killer Within" 10\10
3x05 TWD GP 305 0629 0127.jpg "Say the Word" 5\10
3x06 TWD GP 306 0709 0275.jpg "Hounded" 8\10
3x07 TWD GP 307 0723 0132.jpg "When the Dead Come Knocking" 8\10
3x08 TWD GP 308 0807 0004.jpg "Made to Suffer" 10\10
3x09 TWD GP 309 0815 0458.jpg "The Suicide King" 7.5\10
3x10 TWD GP 310 0827 0006.jpg "Home" 8\10
3x11 Group of the prison 3x11.jpg "I Ain't a Judas" 6\10
3x12 TWD GP 312 0830 0012v1.jpg "Clear" 8\10
3x13 TWD GP 313 1010 0295.jpg "Arrow on the Doorpost" 7\10
3x14 Twd314001290.jpg "Prey" 7\10
3x15 AMC TWD This Sorrowful Life.png "This Sorrowful Life" 9\10
3x16 AMCpicWttT1.png "Welcome to the Tombs" 8\10

Episode Image Title Score
4x01 Supermarket.jpg "30 Days Without An Accident" 8\10
4x02 Daryl and Rick 4x02.jpg "Infected" 7\10
4x03 Carol Rick and Tyreese 4x03.jpg "Isolation" 7.5\10
4x04 ThCA9MC7MP.jpg "Indifference" 7.5\10
4x05 AMC TWD Internment.png "Internment" 10\10
4x06 AMC TWD Live Bait.png "Live Bait" 8\10
4x07 Twds4gn-9.jpg "Dead Weight" 8\10
4x08 TWDUZI.png "Too Far Gone" 10\10
4x09 AMC TWD After.png "After" 6\10
4x10 Inmates Maggie Bob and Sasha Search.png "Inmates" 8\10
4x11 Rosita,Abraham,Eugene12.png "Claimed" 7.5\10
4x12 Beth and Daryl among the burning building! ♪.jpg "Still" 4\10
4x13 Beth playing the piano while Daryl watches.JPG "Alone" 7\10
4x14 Thegrove4.jpg "The Grove" 8.5\10
4x15 Us5.jpg "Us" 8\10
4x16 A1Episode.2.jpg "A" 9\10

Episode Image Title Score
5x01 AMC NS Gareth Rooftop.png "No Sanctuary" 9/10
5x02 MainGroup-S5PromoPicture.PNG "Strangers" 8.5\10
5x03 5x03 Bob and Gareth.jpg "Four Walls and a Roof" 8.5\10
5x04 AMC 504 Beth Hospital.png "Slabtown" 7\10
5x05 Abraham's group 5x05.jpg "Self Help" 5.5\10
5x06 AMC 506 Daryl and Carol.png "Consumed" 5.5\10
5x07 AMC 507 Group Corners Patrol.png "Crossed" 7\10
5x08 Beth embraces Noah.jpg "Coda" 8\10
5x09 Tyreese in the house of Noah 5x10.jpg "What Happened and What's Going On" 9\10
5x10 Group 5x10.jpg "Them" 6\10
5x11 AMC 511 Aaron and Eric.png "The Distance" 8\10
5x12 AMC 512 Welcome to ASZ.png "Remember" 7\10
5x13 AMC 513 Carol Firing Gun.png "Forget" 6.5/10
5x14 Spend promo image 14.jpg "Spend" 9/10
5x15 AMC 515 Rick Draws Gun.png "Try" 8/10
5x16 AMC 516 Daryl Observing Map.png "Conquer" 9/10


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"The people like me, the weak ones, we have inherited the earth."
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"I may not have what it takes to last for long, but that's okay. Cause at least I can say that when the world goes to shit, I didn't let it take me down with it."
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"Do you hear that? That's the sound of God laughing while you make plans."
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