City Limits, originally titled End of Days, is the second chapter in The Walking Dead Social Game. It takes place during Season One, after Atlanta has fallen to the undead.

Part 1 of Chapter 2 was released on October 13, 2012. Along with the release of Chapter 2, another Chapter 1 mission was released. Chapter 2 Part 1 had 12 missions and included new zombies, new characters, new setting, and a lot of new updates. Chapter 2 Part 2 was released on November 16, 2012. The second half of Chapter 2 included 15 new story missions making a total of 27 story missions for Chapter 2 Season 1.

The chapter begins immediately after chapter one where you, Kara, Ed, and Greg arrive at a small military camp in a train yard beneath a vehicle-jammed overpass. The group hears of a possible cure at the CDC and attempt to make it there against all odds.

The chapter ends with the group unfortunately discovering that there is no safe haven in Atlanta and are forced to leave the city.



Welcome to Atlanta

Entering the outskirts of Atlanta, the group comes across a military encampment in a train yard. Upon entering the camp they meet up with three soldiers, one of them injured from friendly fire. The men ask for medical assistance and the hero quickly heads out in search of medical equipment.

The hero enters a warehouse and manages to find some med kits and returns with the supplies. The men manage to heal their wounded brother in arms and thank the group for their support. They tell the new arrivals that they are free to stay with them.

Upon being asked about Atlanta, the soldiers paint a gloomy picture for the survivors going so far as to call Atlanta "Walker City". One of them explains that their leader, Jackson caught a bullet to the leg as they were clearing walkers out of their camp. They mention that they tried their best to send as much people to the refuge center as possible for evacuation. Jackson adds that they just recently lost contact with an outpost near the center and have since then held their ground at the camp. He thanks the group once again for help saving his life.

The other soldier asks if they know what caused the outbreak and mentions that the last they saw when their satellite was up were footage of walkers all over the world. The man adds that joining the service turned out to be the smartest thing he's ever done.

Greg tells the hero that he is bummed that Atlanta turned out to be a lose, he is happy they are staying with guys with machine guns. He adds though that he will be leaving some of the supplies in the van in case things go down. Trucker begins to make a Plan B just in case. Kara spots someone scavenging nearby.

Side Mission: Look Around Town

Kara sends the hero out to see if the man needs any assistance. After approaching the man, the hero asks if he needs any help. The cap wearing man explains that he does not usually require assistance and he mostly works alone, but that today he does.

Meet Glenn

The man introduces himself as Glenn and explains that he is collecting radiator parts for his friend's camper. The hero willfully goes with the man in search for parts for the camper.

After making their way through the crumbling, walker infested streets of Atlanta, the two manage to spot a parking lot full of abandoned vehicles. They are lucky enough to find both of the pieces that Glenn's friend requires and head back to the military outpost.

Returning to the outpost, Glenn thanks the hero for their help and, before departing, tells them of a nearby convenience store with plenty of provisions left and a working generator. The group of survivors thank the friendly scavenger as he heads off to his own group.

Side Mission: Defensive Perimeter

One of the soldiers brings the hero out to clear a path so as to lay down a defensive perimeter around the camp. The is successful in clearing the street and helps establish a safer perimeter around the camp. The hero continues traveling into Atlanta and encounters a familiar face.

Side Mission: Atlanta's Got Everything

Scavenging through the rubble of Atlanta, a thrilled Trucker informs the hero that Atlanta's got almost everything they need and should have. He and the hero gather as much supplies as they can carry and bring it back to camp.

Find the Missing Soldiers

Jackson asks the hero for their assistance in finding a group of soldiers he sent out on patrol a few days ago and have yet to return. The hero agrees and the leader of the guardsmen sends the de-facto leader of the survivors out to find the missing soldiers.

The hero travels along the streets of Atlanta and does not encounter a living soul. He soon comes across one of the turned bodies of the missing soldiers. Torn apart and partially devoured, the since killed walker lies on the pavement as the hero wonders what happened to the other men. The hero sneaks into a nearby van and drives back to camp.

Back at camp, Jackson is saddened to hear about the outcome of the search and hopes that the other soldiers are holed up somewhere safe. While the hero was away, a herd of walkers swarmed the train yard, luckily no one was killed and the undead were all killed. Trucker, during the attack helped push a vehicle in front of the barricades to slow the walkers down. He complains about the smell affecting his appetite and, when the hero suggests digging the walkers graves, denies to dig holes for the undead. Explaining that graves are for the humans, not cannibal corpses. Kara tells the hero that she was impressed with Jackson during the attack as he stayed cool under the circumstances.

Side Mission: Out of Gas

The hero later runs into a returning Greg who has a message for the hero. The bearded survivor informs the hero that Glenn has run out of gas during his return to his camp and needs help acquiring gas so he can return to his friends. The hero collects as much as gas as they can find and finds the cap wearing scavenger by his RV. The scavenger thanks the hero for the save and explains that his group would have most certainly starved to death if he had not returned with his supplies.

Help Glenn

Glenn tells the hero that, when he was returning to the RV, he saw a group of people trapped by walkers. He asks the hero to help him rescue them which the hero agrees to. The two travel to the warehouse which is housing the trapped survivors, one of the survivors manages to escape and points the way for the heroes.

Inside the warehouse, they encounter two more survivors: Marla and Jon. Jon thanks the two for saving their skins while Marla thanks the two scavengers for rescuing them and asks to join their group as she finds the group she is with to be too dangerous for her to be with anymore.

Marla returns to camp with the hero and is pleased to be with a new group. Jackson is grateful that the hero rescued the survivors and brought one to the group. He adds that while they were gone he had his men burn the pile of walker corpses. He jokes that now all he can think about, due to the smell, is barbecue. The other two soldiers seem weary of her arrival and hope that she can at least pull her own weight around camp.

Marla, who is a bit shaken still from the experience is greeted with open arms by Kara and Greg. Marla explains that she lived downtown he whole life and never thought that something like the outbreak would happen. She stayed in her apartment mostly when it all started while everyone began leaving one by one as they ran out of supplies. She recounts that her upstairs neighbor, Amy and her husband made a break for it and that she remembers her screaming as her husband was torn apart.

She reveals that she was too scared to leave even when she ran out of food and only did once she started running out of water. She went out to her garden she set up to gather what rainwater had been collected when she encountered a little boy she knew who lived in 3A. She remembers the look he had as he stared at her with his dead little eyes and that's what finally pushed her to leave.

Side Mission: The Burgers

Trucker and the hero meet up with a plan to have a cookout for the soldiers. Trucker plans to acquire some good provisions for the soldiers while the hero collects some burgers for the cookout.

Outpost Delta-5

Jackson is travels out and meets with the hero. He tells the hero that he plans to go out and investigate one of their outposts to see if anyone else is still alive. He asks the hero if they would like to tag along to which the hero does. Near the outpost, the duo discover the remains of the six lost patrolmen, their bodies wrapped up in sheets and tied.

They forge on, now entering the outpost itself, they find the base strewn with dead bodies, all wrapped in white sheets and tied off, the base since abandoned and overrun. The two survivors scavenge for leftover food and return to the train yard. Jackson theorizes that they may be the last functioning outpost in Atlanta.

Back at camp, the two soldiers are depressed that they have lost most of their platoon. Their bodies since collected and brought back for burial. Kara and Marla mourn the losses as they explain that it's not just about the lose of good men. It's also the fact that they just lose a little bit of hope with passing of the soldiers. Greg is also rattled by the recent events. Meanwhile, Trucker tells the hero to take advantage of everyone's lack of appetite to get full as they may need some of their provisions later.

Side Mission: Restock the Outpost

Jackson informs the hero that they are now low on ammo and orders the survivor to go out and distribute the remaining ammo amongst the group members and to go out and search for more ammo once finished.

Side Mission: Just in Time

Returning from acquiring more ammo, the hero and Jackson carefully distribute the remainder of the supplies amongst the members of the group. The hero gives the mixture of ammo and supplies to the group. Marla thanks the hero for the goods and tells them that Kara would like a word with them.

Side Mission: Mystery Driver

Kara tells the hero that she heard someone driving by a few minutes ago and knows that, the direction they are going, will not make it through.

Make a New Ally

The hero ventures off, following the direction the survivor took when he encounters a stranded man. The person, revealed to be Felipe, asks for assistance as his car had broken down a ways down the road. The hero agrees to help and the two travel through Felipe's apartment to his car. The hero examines the engine and finds the engine itself is practically finished. The hero tells the man that he is welcome to stay at their camp until he can find a working car. The two head back to camp and let the new member settle in.

Marla is none to pleased with the addition of Felipe and begins to accuse him as a being a thug, stating that she "knows his kind", much to the annoyance of everyone in the group. She explains that he is probably scouting the group and will steal everything they have and report back to his gang of thugs. Felipe tries to explain himself and reveals that he works as at a nursing home taking care of the elderly.

One of the soldiers agrees that he can not be trusted but wished that she be quiet so that she doesn't attract any walkers. Kara, annoyed by the yelling fight between the two, tries her best to ignore them and wishes they do something else besides argue and actually do something that benefits the camp. Jackson approaches the hero and asks for the hero to control their people, specifically Marla and Felipe. Greg, who is on watch, suggests to the hero to just simply tell them to be quiet and that maybe that will put an end to their argument.

The hero ends up leaving the camp and meets up with the other soldier repairing the defenses they set up earlier.

Side Mission: Ours Is Not the Reason Why

The soldier orders the hero to search for scrap to help better the defenses and asks that the other soldier at the camp help out. After relaying the message, the soldier shrugs at the order and figures he'd outta help, though he no longer sees the point in orders anymore.

Side Mission: Trucker Run

The soldiers reports to the hero that Trucker also went on a run earlier and to let the hero know. The hero searches for Trucker and later finds him scavenging. He asks the hero to assist him search for scrap. While scavenging, Trucker mentions his idea for the group.

Backroad Scavengers

Trucker shares his thoughts that the group would be safer if they moved to the outskirts of the city instead of close by where they are. He tells the hero that he knows the area they are in pretty well and they could explore it some, scope some places out. The hero agrees and they begin exploring some possible safe places for the group while scavenging.

Since the lose of Outpost Delta-5, Jackson has been awaiting contact from Outpost One. He hopes that there may be a move in the near future. He also warns the hero of Marla, who has been separated from Felipe by the soldiers, and the noise she is making as she is the hero's responsibility. He explains that the group doesn't have much supplies and there are sure to be plenty of scavengers nearby, both friendly and none.

Talking with the hero, Kara admits that she is attracted to Jackson and agrees with his plan to take care of the scavengers. The two soldiers begin patrolling more to keep an eye out for scavengers, worried that Marla's loud tirades will attract unwanted attention. The hero approaches Marla and tries to calm her down to no avail. Felipe refuses to speak with or be around Marla anymore.

Side Mission: The Way Out

With the group worries about hostile scavengers, Trucker, positioned outside of the camp, has the hero scope out safe routes the group could go through if the camp is swarmed, citing what had happened at the interstate and their old camp.

Side Mission: The Search for Felipe

After returning from combing through the crumbling city of Atlanta for safe spots for the group. Trucker notifies the hero that Felipe has been missing for quite some time. He informs the hero that last time he had saw him he was searching for supplies for his patients in the Residential District.

Fuel Run

Upon arriving the Residential District, the hero quickly encounters Felipe. Felipe asks the hero if they've noticed that the group has been running low on gas and suggests that they'd go out and collect some. The two manage to collect just enough for the group to travel with and also clear out some walkers along the way before returning to the group.

Back at camp, Felipe notifies the hero that the groups vehicles are now filled up and are ready to split when need to. Trucker notices Marla has been acting very high strung, more than the usual and seems to need help with something. The hero walks over to her.

Side Mission: High Pressure Situation

Marla informs the hero that she has heart problems and needs medication badly. She asks the hero to seek out some and to not tell any of the other survivors. The hero successfully finds some medication for her and gives her what is found.

Side Mission: No Hope for Atlanta

Marla notifies the hero that the soldiers have geared up and left. She asks the hero to go see what is going on. The hero manages to catch up to the soldiers who explain that they are leaving the camp and are mapping out the are while working on a plan to get out.

The Search for PFC Jackson

Jackson and his men soon return and head out once more, but, after being gone for a few hours, go dark. Kara informs the hero of their disappearance and goes out to look for them. The struggles to find any trace of them and examines a nearby body, mistaking it for one of the soldiers. Jackson and his men have vanished. The remaining survivors vote to have the hero as their official leader.

Greg is baffled why the guardsmen left them with no notice, he suspects that they might be on a black ops mission and hopes they come back safely. Kara informs the hero that the soldiers took almost all of the ammunition when they left and wonders why they left, believing that they might have gotten orders in the middle of the night. She admits she's worried about them and suggests that they continue patrolling like the soldiers did as the system seemed to work pretty well for the group.

Marla is having trouble using a gun, though she is getting better after getting some practice from Greg and the soldiers. She can't guarantee she'll hit many and tells the hero that she will be saving the last bullet for herself when need be. Felipe is nervous about the soldiers disappearance and is curious as to why they would leave. He reveals that he is a decent cook and asks what the group has left that he can work with.

Side Mission: The Search Continues

Trucker is still searching for Jackson and sends the hero out to help search.

Side Mission: Felipe's Request

Returning from searching for Jackson and his men, Trucker gives the hero a message from Felipe who requests some supplies he can take back to the nursing home when he leaves. The hero collects some supplies for the former nurse and hands it to him who is appreciative of the deed.

Felipe's Escape

Felipe reveals that he is preparing to leave and could use some additional help heading off. The duo collect some additional gas for his trip to his people and clear the road enough for a smoother drive out. Felipe packs up his belongings and bids farewell to the hero as he leaves, stating he owes his life to the hero and promises to repay the hero for everything one day.

Trucker plans out who and where to scavenge the next day to Marla's protest. Greg offers to split a candy bar with the hero for everything they've done for the group.

Side Mission: A Storm is Coming

Kara tells the hero that Marla would like to speak with them and mentions that something wasn't quite right with her. She tells the hero to keep her worries about her between the two of them as the hero goes to see what's wrong. Marla is found looking at places for shelter as she reveals that she had overheard the soldiers saying that there would be a bombing.

Fire from the Sky

The hero reports to Kara about what Marla said as the sounds of helicopters and explosions begin to happen. Kara and the hero race back to gather the group and find cover as Atlanta is bombed. The survivors gather inside their minivan and drive madly though the bombardment. Greg steers through the ruined streets and heads through an alley where they find a warehouse. Dashing through the stirred undead, they manage to find cover in the warehouse's basement as the bombing intensifies.

Marla mentions to the hero that during the drive over she didn't spot any other survivors and that she understands the military's action bombing Atlanta. Kara states that she always thought they'd be rescued by the military rather than be firebombed. She hopes that Jackson and his men, as well as other survivors made it out okay. She gives credit for the groups survival to Greg who drove the group during the bombing. Greg himself is surprised that the minivan didn't take much damage, he wonders how effective the bombings were.

After the Dust Clears

After spending a long time living in the basement of the warehouse, Trucker gathers the hero over and feels like it is time to leave. He adds that they have to leave sooner or later to get something to eat and now might be the best time to look for a better spot to camp.

Trucker and the hero emerge from the wrecked building and find the city scarred by the bombing. Buildings wrecked and blackened, the streets torn up beyond repair, they begin their journey to find a new campsite. As they do so, collecting food for the group, the hero hears screaming coming from a nearby building. The two rush over to find out what's going on.

They cut a corner and find a soldier surrounded by the undead. Trucker and the hero manage to save the grateful man who mentions he has a partner who got separated from him a little farther down the road. The two quickly hurry to save the frightened soldier as he is close to be killed by the charred walkers. The hero voices his concerns about the soldiers state of mind as the ecstatic man screams about the bombing. Trucker and agree to bring the men along with them and set up another camp.

A tired Greg finishes up putting the camp together and mentions that the soldiers, Max and Nathan, helped some. He likes that they have some military personnel with them again and voices his approval of them joining the group. He tells the hero that Nathan and Max survived the bombing by locking themselves in a supermarket meat locker. He mentions that the crazed soldier, Nathan, seems to be a rattled by the experience and may need someone to talk to. Trucker agrees and feels that he may not be right in the head after all they've been through, but thinks that he may settle down after a while since it is all over before returning to watch.

Speaking with the soldiers, Max is appreciative for taking them in and likes the position where the camp is set up. He lists all of the vantage points and reports he has about the passing walkers and where they have stocked the weapons just in case. Nathan is still too rattled to make any since as he babbles on incoherently.

Side Mission: After the Crash

Marla sobs that they've lost most of their supplies they left behind at the train yard and wonders out loud how will they survive now with no supplies. The hero takes it upon themselves to gather enough supplies to keep the group going. Marla is happy with what is brought back and grateful. Kara begins sorting the provisions as equally as possible between the members of the group as Marla does her best to help around camp. A familiar figure then appears before the camp.

Side Mission: Hope on the Horizon

Glenn, shocked to see the group still in Atlanta, can't believe that they are still camped in Atlanta and haven't left yet. He proposes a deal with a hero to help him scavenge in return, he'll bring some of his people back to help the group of survivors out. The hero agrees to this and helps him scavenge for scrap. The two scavenge nearby and, before going out any further, are stopped by Marla who asks for a favor from the two scavengers.

Pharmacy Run

Marla asks the two to search a nearby pharmacy for drugs for Nathan to help him relax, they agree to search for drugs to help Nathan and later come across the heavily damaged, but still standing pharmacy. The duo enter inside and deal with the walkers inside and manage to find just enough meds to help Nathan. The two return to camp with their pile.

Returning to camp, Trucker informs the two that while they were searching for drugs for Nathan, he stole the groups Humvee and took off. Trucker believes that he may be worth more trouble than he's worth and vouches to leave him. Kara mentions that she and Marla talked with Nathan as he took the Humvee and explained that, before leaving, Nathan repeatedly apologized for taking the Humvee. And that Max also revealed, before finding shelter in the meat locker, they had lost all of their platoon to the bombing, including some good friends. Marla volunteers to take care of Max and Nathan when he returns. She suggests that they try to modify their vehicles to combat the herds of undead. No one, besides Trucker holds what Nathan did against him or Max.

Glenn talks with the hero and says that finding the pharmacy was a extremely lucky find and that there were still plenty of stuff left over they can go back to get later. He mentions that Max is from Decatur, Georgia to which Glenn leaves to go talk with him about.

Side Mission: Not in Time

Later, Max tells the hero that he has no idea where Nathan could have gone and figures they better start looking for him before he gets himself killed. The hero searches through several collapsed warehouses but only comes across Greg. He tells the hero not to mention Nathan around Trucker and that Max had told him Nathan once worked on Humvees before the apocalypse and throws out the idea to have him work on the groups vehicles as many of them do not work properly or at all. However, the hero is not able to find Nathan.

Side Mission: Grand Theft Humvee

Returning back, the hero encounters Greg again who reports that Nathan had snuck back into camp, took some supplies and drive off in the Humvee. Talking with Trucker, he asks what they are going to do now.

Soldier AWOL

Trucker formulates a plan for the hero and Glenn to go and search for Nathan. He knows if he stays out any longer he'll most definitely get himself killed. The goal being to bring both him and the Humvee back to camp. Glenn and the hero travel deep into the city and find a totaled Humvee in the middle of the street. Luckily, it turns out not to be their vehicle and move on.

As the scavengers travel down the street, they spot their Humvee flipped over, laying sideways along the road; Nathan close by. The two approach the rattled man who begs them not to take him back as they risk killing the group. Glenn manages to calm the situation and explains that they are his friends and are here to help him. Nathan willingly comes along with the two back to camp.

Trucker approaches the hero and notifies them that Marla gave Nathan some sedatives they found at the pharmacy to help calm him down. Marla is able to distinguish some of the pills and acts as the groups nurse, taking care of Nathan. She says that he's coming down quite a bit and he's a really smart young man. As the hero picks up a pill bottle, Marla tells them to put it back as it is Viagra and not what Nathan needs.

Kara, who is organizing the fresh medical supplies, praises Marla for taking care of Nathan and suggests she's better off without her. The hero goes and talks with Nathan who is very relaxed due to the medication and humorously complains that, though overall he's fine, he can't feel his lips. Max reports that he and Nathan have been staying up late guarding camp and ended up killing some raccoons which are being saved as the groups meal. He talks that Nathan had panicked because he had gotten some walker blood on him and thought he was going to turn, so he left the group to save them from witnessing him turn and prevent him from attacking the group.

Greg complains that he is pretty worn out from patrolling and notes that he doesn't see many walkers by themselves anymore, but rather in large herds. He suggests they start taking a buddy when someone goes patrolling.

Side Mission: Travel Preparations

Glenn is packing up to collect fresh water from outside of town, but needs some supplies before he travels out. The hero collects what he is missing and soon the young scavenger heads off to scout for fresh water.

Side Mission: I'm Sorry, PFC Jackson

Marla returns from traveling outside of camp with shocking news that she spotted a soldier a few hours ago that looked a lot like Jackson. She explains that she wasn't able to catch up to him and didn't call out to him because she was afraid she would have attracted nearby walkers. The hero goes where she last spotted him and finds no trace of the MIA soldier or his men.

The Quarry

Trucker notifies the hero that Glenn has returned and has told him about a place just outside of the city still with fresh water. He invites the hero to go out with him to check it out.

The two original group members travel out and soon come across a small camp near a river. One of the inhabitants, Terry, welcomes the travelers to take as much water as they need, but informs them that they cannot stay as they are running low on supplies as it is. Just then, a herd of walkers lays siege to the small camp and causes many of the survivors to flee.

Trucker and the hero manage to fight their way out and clear enough of the walkers for the remaining inhabitants to take care of. Terry thanks the two for the help as they gather a little bit of water before taking a small road back to the camp. Trucker is glad that they now have clean water, but worries about the safety of the other group they just encountered, not trusting Terry's judgment.

People at camp share what they miss most before the apocalypse. Because of the hot summer day, Max wishes they had some air conditioning while Kara wishes she could take a nice shower. Meanwhile, Nathan is worried some members of the group are still sore with him for what he did. He reveals that he had hotwired the Humvee and that Max still has the keys to the car. He proclaims himself a vehicle expert to which the hero directs him to the groups vehicles.

Two brothers by the name of Daryl and Merle wander into camp and make their presence known. They are welcomed and settle with the camp. Daryl explains that Merle has always looked out for him, even if it meant being tough on him and is glad to have run into him during the apocalypse. He excuses himself to go hunt for the groups next meal. The hero ventures off at night to find the other members of the group.

Finding Glenn, Greg, and Trucker, Greg finds that the streets seem to be a little more clear of the undead at night and says that they should use the darkness to their advantage while scavenging. He explains that the last thing they need is a large herd going through the camp, he mentions that Trucker and Max are working out a plan just in case this happens. Glenn gives his advice to the hero to be a more effective scavenger. He begins to think that scavenging in the city is starting to be more risky with the increase of walkers.

Side Mission: New Arrivals

Trucker isn't so sure about the new arrivals at camp and has the hero go out and get everyone's opinion on the matter. Greg is unsure of them and Glenn despises Merle because of his over the top racism, he hopes that he gets eaten by walkers. Marla tells the hero that they're better than walkers at least.

Blood Brothers

Traveling through the city, the hero finds Merle and Daryl preparing to clear a few buildings of walkers. Merle invites the hero to join them and proceeds to tease them, egging them into joining the fray.

Daryl and the hero approach one of the buildings and quickly make work of the undead near it. Daryl leads the hero inside where they find Merle who gives them the job of finding some ammo. The hero and Daryl fight through the undead inside and manage to find a few rounds. Daryl calls his older brother over to leave, stating that they don't want to be out after dark which leads to Merle making fun of his little brother for "being afraid of the dark".

Back at camp, Merle thanks the hero for the help and hopes that they learned a few things or two.

Greg thinks that they should put more time into searching for more weapons, believing that a well armed group will be safer and allow the group to sleep better at night. Nathan stresses Max's lesson that they need to be better trained to take down walkers more effectively, rather than spray-and-pray.

Trucker gives the hero some advice for their scavenging runs, stating that buildings that are boarded up are usually well stocked with supplies the group could use. Kara returns from collecting wood from buildings that survived the bombing of Atlanta to use for a fire.

Side Mission: This Isn't Camping

Daryl agrees that the group could use more ammo, suggesting that this could take care of the walker problem that the group has been worried about for some time. He sends the hero out to collect some ammo and extra supplies for the camp.

Hunting Buddies

Daryl is adamant about proving himself to his brother, and brings the hero along with him to go clear out the rest of the walkers in the buildings nearby. The duo succeed in dispatching the undead and return to camp to tell Merle about their deed. Along the way, Daryl shows the hero a map the military drew out he found on the ground. He notes that the X on the map seems to be the location of a helicopter. He believes that this could be the ride for the group to get out of Atlanta.

Greg, upon seeing the map, jokes that it's like being in a video game. He points out that the map also indicates where the outposts that Jackson was keeping in contact with are. However, the map is torn and missing a few pieces so a bit of it is not fit for use. Trucker worries that the map is coded and could mean another thing. He points out that the military bombed Atlanta and their own installations, so obviously Atlanta is a lost cause.

Marla is skeptical of Daryl and ponders whether he is trustworthy or not while Kara believes that Daryl could help the group decode the maps that they've found. She states that she's pretty good at navigating, but she's no map reader. She whispers to the hero that Marla seems to be getting agitated again with the arrival of the Dixon brothers and keeps giving Nathan the stink eye. She hopes that since Nathan has mellowed out that she will too.

Daryl, however, has had his earful of Marla and threatens that she will get a boot to the face if she keeps talking bad about him. He heads off, somewhat steamed into the woods to hunt.

Side Mission: This is No Time for Crazy

Max, with the absence of the two brothers, informs the group he wants them out and has the hero collect some scrap for the two's departure. He explains that there is no need to keep them if they're just gonna continue risking their lives. Talking with Nathan, he approves the motion.

Side Mission: Load Up on Pills

With the hero there, Nathan sends the hero to go collect more pills to make up for the ones they lost during the bombing.

Side Mission: Lucky Find

After returning with some medical supplies, Nathan informs the hero that Max needs it all ASAP as something has happened in the camp. The hero rushed to the group to deliver the goods. The hero gives the hardened soldier the medkit, but it does not hold an inhaler; Kara is having an asthma attack. Max informs the hero to go talk with Marla real quick.

Asthma Attack

Marla instructs the hero to go out and find a inhaler for Kara or else she won't make it. The hero rushes out of camp to search for one, later coming across one at a local pharmacy. The hero struggles through the undead that inhabit the building but manages to escape without a scratch before returning to camp to give Kara her new inhaler. After being given the inhaler, Kara slowly gets better. She thanks the hero for risking their life for her and is completely grateful.

Greg is surprised that Kara has asthma as, for as long as he's known her, she's never said anything about it. He admits he cares about her a lot and tells the hero to not let her venture out on her own or do anything strenuous. Meanwhile, the group is not happy that Marla has been picking fights with the group even while Kara can't even breathe. Max stresses that they need to be a better group and work together. He goes out to point that even walkers work in groups better than them. Nathan refuses to step in. Trucker, though glad that Kara is alright, is getting fed up with the way Marla has been acting and treating people.

Marla defends herself stating that she sees no reason why they are still in Atlanta when it is completely gone. She complains that she doesn't want to meet any more "unsavory" characters such as Daryl or Felipe.

Side Mission: Preventative Medicine

Kara tells the hero to collect more medical supplies so no one in the group has to face a close call like what just happened again. She says she wants the group to be prepared for everything.

Get to the Helicopter

Able to successfully decode the map enough, Nathan finds the location of a military helicopter. He joyously calls for help finding it to which the hero volunteers. He and the hero travel through the bombed streets and enter a building through a massive hole in the wall. They quickly travel up to the roof of the building, hoping to find the helicopter. However, as the team bursts out onto the roof, they find nothing but a few starving walkers. The exhausted survivors find, however, a message written over the landing pad reads, "ANSWERS AT CENTERS FOR DESEASE CONTROL." With this information, they quickly head back to camp with a new destination in mind.

Greg and Max are both disappointed that there is no helicopter, but Max tells the group to stay frosty for when another opportunity appears. He says that they've got to keep their eyes on the future. Talking with Nathan, he admits he never expected to find a fully functional helicopter. He admits though, that sooner or later, that their luck will eventually change. Kara informs the hero that most of the group members are thinking about relocating to someplace else. She questions whether they might be the last survivors in Atlanta.

Side Mission: Look for a Clear Road

The hero meets with Trucker out in a pharmacy where he tells the hero that the whole "Atlanta Refugee Camp" thing they are doing isn't working out so well and sends the hero to go look for a safe way out of Atlanta, and a safe place to camp at. Instead, the hero runs into Greg.

The Return of PFC Jackson

Greg explains that Kara saw a soldier go into a ruined building just a block from where they are and he was going to check it out. He tells the hero that it could Jackson and his men. They collect themselves and move in to find out what is inside. Inside, Jackson is found to be a walker. The hero is devastated by the unfortunate turn of events stating that they never thought it would happen to a guy like him. Greg and the hero sadly put down the turned soldier and his men and clear the area of walkers. Hiding in a corner, they find a girl named Eva who witnessed Jackson's demise.

The survivors bring the rescued survivor with them to camp, although she is thankful for the rescue, she states that she will have to leave soon to get back with her people across town. The group mourns the loss of Jackson and the soldiers who brought them in. Trucker wishes to be left alone and tells the hero that, because of the continuing presence of death, not to get too attached too anyone. Kara and Marla pay their respects as do Max who he never met. Eva pushes the hero to bring her back to her people.

Side Mission: Hopes Dashed

Nathan is found outside of camp and explains to the hero that, though it is tragic what happens, it can't cease the camp from going forward and that they unfortunately have to get over it as that is how the world works now.

Side Mission: Eva's Not Well

Kara tells the hero that Eva is a little sick and has them go get some food for her.

Get Eva Home

Eva gets better and explains that she has medical supplies in her backpack that she has to get back to her people and that they are all counting on her. The hero takes her out to escort her to her people. The two cut through a abandoned warehouse and narrowly avoid the walkers inside. Exiting the building, they encounter Felipe, her partner, waiting for them outside his car.

Felipe picks the two up and drops the hero off at the camp. He gives his gratitude to the hero for helping his people out once again. In return, he tells them that word on the street is there is a refuge at the CDC and draws a map out for the group before departing back to his own group with Eva.

The group is shocked to learn that the CDC is still operational, Kara believes that they may have developed a cure by now and that the military may be stationed over there to protect it. She, as well as many other others, thinks they should begin packing and head that way.

Trucker is relieved to see the group have a goal in mind and something to work towards, to rally around. He goes off and begins to load up their supplies in the groups minivan. Nathan tells the hero they he and Trucker have been working on the minivan and have gave it a little improvement. He explains that they both installed some new parts and have increased the engine's horsepower. He goes off to discuss the groups plans with Max.

Side Mission: Help Yourself

Marla is glad that we have continued helping other people in need despite the circumstances and tells the hero that now is the time to help themselves. She has the hero collect supplies for the groups trip to the CDC.

Greg's Emergency

As the group continues packing up, Marla approaches the hero. She tells the hero that Greg went out scavenging a while back and has yet to return. She fears that something bad might've happened. The hero collects some supplies for the search and heads off to find the man.

Traveling through the bombed streets of Atlanta, the hero initially does not find anyone besides walking clusters of the undead. Just then however, the hero spots Greg as he is crawling along the pavement road, leaned up against a blockade. The hero rushes towards the injured man and helps him to his feet. Greg is thankful that he has been found and explains that he had fallen off a ladder and has broken his leg. The hero stops by a turned over ambulance and collects some medical supplies for the injured man before returning to camp.

The hero gives the survivor some painkillers and other meds to ease the pain as the survivor rests inside the group's minivan.

The group becomes frustrated with the turn of events and Greg is ridiculed for not being careful while out scavenging and for holding the group back. Kara, though she admits he is dumb at times, cares for Greg and does not think the group should leave him behind and that the group should consider other options besides leaving him behind.

Marla watches over Greg and admits to the hero that she only knows basic first aid. She tells the hero that aspirin would help Greg deal with the pain a lot more. She starts to think that perhaps they could move him by making a stretcher for him. Nathan is bummed that Greg's incident would occur at such a bad timing as when they were all ready to leave for the CDC.

Side Mission: CDC or Bust

Trucker sends the hero out to scout the CDC and to see if it is still operational or not. With the outcome of it deciding whether they move to the CDC or get out of Atlanta.

Centers for Disease Control

Meeting with Max, the two head off to see if the CDC is really a refuge. They manage to arrive at the exterior of the CDC and take out several walkers, in doing so they encounter a frightened man who warns them that anyone who tries to enter the CDC is as good as dead, himself included. The two try the door but find it locked. They return to camp and bring everyone to the Centers for Disease Control, their new campsite.

The frightened man named Bill is made comfortable at the new camp and expresses his gratitude for being around people again. Marla gives the poor man some soup as he tells the camp how he managed to stay alive outside the CDC. He explains he hadn't eaten anything in three days as he has been hiding in the medical waste dumpster in the parking lot until he heard the hero and Max. He's glad that his final days aren't going to be spent lying about discarded blood samples.

Meanwhile, Kara is worried about Greg's well being. The hero tries to calm her but to no avail as she wishes to stay put to let him heal. She changes the subject and informs the hero that Max and Nathan have checked around the building and have not found another way inside. Max reveals that there appears to be no other way inside. He adds that the other side of the CDC has yet to be reconnoitered. He points out on the map that there seems to be a Red Cross relief tent they can scavenge with a protective military cordon. He hopes that they may be able to find some answers there.

Nathan, before heading out on patrol, hopes to encounter other people and asks for some spare ammo from the hero.

Ready the Minivan

Trucker states that the minivan is without a tire and needs a new one in case they need to get out fast and points out the abandoned vehicles in front of the CDC. He and the hero head out to search for supplies for the groups minivan.

Entering the CDC parking lot, they manage to scrounge up some food and water. The hero points out a car with similar tires to the minivan and they begin to scavenge it. They inspect the car for a replacement tire but are mistake. However, they inspect another vehicle and manage to find one. The two return to camp to prepare to leave.

Trucker informs the hero that the minivan is up and ready to depart, but Greg is now running a fever with his broken leg becoming infected. He is in no condition to be moved and Trucker begins to consider leaving him behind.

Nathan, returning from patrol, tells the hero that there are groups of walkers roaming around the area. He believes that something bad must have happened around the CDC which would explain why it is shut down. He asks where are all the scientists and doctors and that it appears that the soldiers pulled out of the area, which doesn't make any sense to him. He starts to think that maybe the complex was overrun and that they can no longer stay.

Trucker is going out to the parking lots to look for something to help Greg when he spots a still functional ambulance. He heads over to see if there are any emergency kits still inside. He does not want to lose Greg. Marla prepares some soup for Greg and tries to get him to eat. Her spirits were lifted somewhat after being asked for a second helping by Bill who wolfed down his portion.

Kara is heartbroken about Greg and wants the hero to help him with whatever they can find. She does not want to be put in a situation where they have to put down one of their friends.

Escape Atlanta

Max makes a plan to head down to the Red Cross tents on the other side of the CDC to find some stronger antibiotics and whatever else they can find to help Greg with his fever. He and the hero quickly head out to help their friend.

Inside the tent, they find several emergency kits and walkers lurking around. They clear the tent of both as the hero instructs Max to search the shelves. Just then, a swarm of walkers, attracted by the noise make their way inside the tent. The two survivors make a mad dash out of the tent with all that they have and hurry back to camp. Just then, the CDC begins to shake and crumble before a large explosion erupts from inside. Greg lets out a scream as the minivan is crushed under the rubble and he along with it.


Cutscene: Entering the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, you come across a small group of soldiers and survivors.

  • Mission 1: Welcome To Atlanta - Given By Soldier 1.
  • Mission 2: Meet Glenn - Given By Glenn. (Player and Glenn)
  • Mission 3: Find The Missing Soldiers - Given By PFC Jackson.
  • Mission 4: Help Glenn - Given By Glenn. (Player and Glenn)
  • Mission 5: The Burger - Given By Ed.
  • Mission 6: Outpost Delta-5 - Given By PFC Jackson. (Player and Jackson)
  • Mission 7: Restock Outpost Ammo - Given By PFC Jackson. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 8: Make a New Ally - Give By Felipe. (Player and Felipe)
  • Mission 9: Get To The Tank - Given By Greg.
  • Mission 10: Backroad Scavengers - Given By Ed. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 11: Fuel Run - Given By Felipe. (Player and Felipe)
  • Mission 12: The Search for PFC Jackson - Given By Kara.
  • Mission 13: Felipe's Escape - Given By Felipe. (Player and Felipe)
  • Mission 14: Fire From the Sky - Given By Kara.
  • Mission 15: After the Dust Clears - Given By Ed. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 16: Pharmacy Run - Given By Marla. (Player and Glenn)
  • Mission 17: Soldier AWOL - Given By Ed. (Player and Glenn)
  • Mission 18: The Quarry - Given By Ed. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 19: Blood Brothers - Given By Merle Dixon. (Player and Daryl)
  • Mission 20: Hunting Buddies - Given By Daryl Dixon. (Player and Daryl)
  • Mission 21: Asthma Attack - Given By Marla.
  • Mission 22: Get to the Helicopter - Given By Nathan. (Player and Nathan)
  • Mission 23: Look For a Clear Road - Given By Ed. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 24: The Return of PFC Jackson - Given By Greg. (Player and Greg)
  • Mission 25: Get Eva Home - Given By Eva. (Player and Eva)
  • Mission 26: Greg's Emergency - Given By Marla.
  • Mission 27: Getting Some News - Given By Max. (Player and Max)
  • Mission 28: Ready The Minivan - Given By Ed. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 29: Escape Atlanta - Given by Max. (Player and Max)

Cutscene: While staying at the CDC, the building explodes and Greg is crushed by the falling debris.

Side Missions

  • Side Mission 1: Look Around Town - Given by Kara.
  • Side Mission 2: Defensive Perimeter - Given by Soldier 2.
  • Side Mission 3: Atlanta's Got Everything - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 4: Out of Gas - Given by Greg.
  • Side Mission 5: The Burgers - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 6: Restock the Outpost - Given by Jackson.
  • Side Mission 7: Just in Time - Given by Jackson.
  • Side Mission 8: Mystery Driver - Given by Kara.
  • Side Mission 9: Ours Is Not the Reason Why - Given by Soldier 1.
  • Side Mission 10: Trucker Run - Given by Soldier 2.
  • Side Mission 11: The Way Out - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 12: The Search for Felipe - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 13: High Pressure Situation - Given by Marla.
  • Side Mission 14: No Hope for Atlanta - Given by Marla.
  • Side Mission 15: The Search Continues - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 16: Felipe's Request - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 17: A Storm is Coming - Given by Kara.
  • Side Mission 18: After the Crash - Given by Marla.
  • Side Mission 19: Hope on the Horizon - Given by Glenn.
  • Side Mission 20: Not in Time - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 21: Grand Theft Humvee - Given by Greg.
  • Side Mission 22: Travel Preparations - Given by Glenn.
  • Side Mission 23: I'm Sorry, PFC Jackson - Given by Marla.
  • Side Mission 24: New Arrivals - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 25: This Isn't Camping - Given by Daryl.
  • Side Mission 26: This is No Time for Crazy - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 27: Load Up on Pills - Given by Nathan.
  • Side Mission 28: Lucky Find - Given by Nathan.
  • Side Mission 29: Preventative Medicine - Given by Kara.
  • Side Mission 30: Look for a Clear Road - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 31: Hopes Dashed - Given by Nathan.
  • Side Mission 32: Eva's Not Well - Given by Kara.
  • Side Mission 33: Help Yourself - Given by Marla.
  • Side Mission 34: CDC or Bust - Given by Trucker.

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  • The November 28, 2012 update changed a few details regarding the military camp. Some of the train cars and other supplies were removed as well as the overpass filled with cars. Instead of the roadway, a chain-link fence now surrounds camp.
  • On each promo for the chapters, a character from the TV Series, who is also encountered in the game, is on the cover. In Chapter 1; Shane, Lori, Carl, Chapter 2; Daryl, Chapter 3; Andrea, and Chapter 4; Michonne.
    • Andrea, though featured on the promo of Chapter 3, was not encountered in the game; though Otis was instead.
  • Upon the release of the fourth chapter, Outside Woodbury, the chapter was renamed "City Limits".
  • This chapter and Fight or Flight have the most missions in a chapte
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