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Favorite Comic Characters

EugeneP 193
Andrea - Issue 165
Rick Grimes 182
Twd oldman carl improved
Twd jesus coffee
Sophia 193
AOW Shivia
Denise 119

Least Favorite Comic Characters

Pamela 190

TV Series


Video Game

BT Lee
Ben Nervous Roof
LRA Chuck Box
LRA Doug Fence
Tmp SFH Larry Farm-648500824
TUB Clementine Best Smile
Omid remastered better
TWDRemastered Carley
AHD Pete Truck
NGB Mike Happy
TTW Kenny Glad
FTG Tripp Bridge
TTW Conrad Return
NGB Luke Firepit
IHW Alvin Happy
IHW Nick Night
FTG Jesus Smile
AEC Molly Just Kiddin
Bonnie 3

Fear The Walking Dead

Favorite Characters

Season five victor strand
Season four nicholas clark (2)
Season five daniel salazar
Season five morgan jones
Season five john dorie
Season three troy otto (2)
Season three qaletaqa walker
Season five june
Season five althea
Season four jim
Season five dwight fear
Season five luciana galvez
Season five alicia clark
Season four quinn
Season three ofelia salazar
Season five dylan

Least Favorite Characters

Season four martha
Season one andrew adams
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