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About Me

Hey, my name's Léon. I'm from Belgium. I started watching The Walking Dead around February 2016 when No Way Out came out. A bit late, but that's more than 3 years now. Shortly after finishing the first six seasons of the show in two months, I started reading the comics in May. I later started playing the Video Game, but deleted it after finishing the fourth episode of Season 1. Not because I didn't like it, but don't ask why. I still watch let's plays on YouTube or something to be up to date. For some reasons I can't quite explain, my favourite character is Gabriel Stokes. I'm also a very active member of the Discussions part of the wiki, having over 8000 posts there since January 4 2017, some months before making my first actual edit on the wiki. Apart from this wiki, you can also mainly find me on The Walking Dead Fanon wiki and the Discussion section of Game of Thrones. Been on the wiki for about 2 and a half years and hope to be here for quite some more time. Oh, and I want a moment of silence for the comics and video games...

TV Series

Favourite Characters (In order)

Season ten negan
Season nine jerry (2)

Least Favourite Characters (In Order)

Comic Series

Favourite Characters (In order)

Andrea - Issue 165

Least Favourite Characters (In Order)

Gregory 137 Infobox
Pamela 190


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