Mr. Carlson's Favorites

The Walking Dead S03E08 2620 This user is a fan of Glenn Rhee.
He's Korean!
115 War Begins This user is a Soldier of the WalkerMaimer Rebellion.
Vive la Révolution!!
1498032-heath1 This user is a fan of Heath.
Long live the supply runner, Heath!
EPI Vince Pissed This user is a fan of Vince.

"Settle down assholes!"

NGB Get Out Of The Way This user is a fan of Kenny.

"I'm sure you're glad to have your girlfriend back."


This user is a fan of Molly.
Long live Molly!

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Episode 1: A New Day

Lied or tell the truth to Hershel? Lied to Hershel - 38% Who did you save first? Saved Duck - 49% Who did you side with? Sided with Kenny - 49% Did you give Irene the gun? Gave her the gun - 45% Who did you save? Saved Carley - 75%

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