aka Joe

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is Wiki Management and Maintenance
  • I am Male
  • Bio Joe Enjoys Helping Users and Communities out with anything. Joe is also a administrator on several wikis and enjoys video games.
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Hello! Welcome to my profile, I’m Joe and I am a fan of the Walking Dead especially the TV Series. I first joined the wiki on April 11th 2017 I started off as a minor editor then for a while I did edits to actor profiles then after that I took a long break and I am back again to help the wiki out even further. Check below to see what I am a fan of in the TV Series & Video Game.

NGB Good Old Lee This user is a fan of Lee Everett.

"I'm not sure when, but one day things have got to get back to normal."

ATL Beef With David This user is a fan of Clementine.
"I'm still. NOT. BITTEN. I never was. And you left me out here to die."
IHW Run Out Of Road This user is a fan of Alvin.
"You take care of my girls. I get the feeling it's gonna be a girl... Just a hunch."
AHD Troy Cover This user is a fan of Troy.
"Don't go fuckin' up now, ya hear?"

AMC 615 Dwight Aiming

This user is a fan of Dwight.

Long live the crossbow burnt face bad-ass!

TWD 413 GP 1025 0008 This user is a fan of Maggie Greene.
Long live Bo-Peep, Maggie Greene!

Lilly Tied Up

This user kept Lilly around after her actions on the road.
"Just get in."
IHW Kenny Glock This user is a fan of Kenny
Long live Kenny
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