I have an announcement to make. The thing is, ever since my laptop had broke, it's been hard to contribute to this wiki with just my cell phone. It's stressing me out. Plus, updating my profile with my phone is an ordeal of itself. Because of the aforementioned reasons, I decided that I'm closing the book and leaving this wiki. If I get a new laptop, I may come back, but then again, I don't see it happening. Goodbye to you all! Live long and prosper.

Its ok mama "We lost a good man."
This user has left the Wiki.

ATR Gonna Need More Juice This user is a fan of the juice box.
Because why not?
ATR Christa Winchester This user hates the restroom door.
You killed Omid, you fucking door!
Rapefaceluke This user thinks Luke likes Clem TOO much.
It ain't gonna suck itself, kid.
AmTR Zombie Nick This user hates how Nick died in Amid The Ruins.
Telltale Games: "In this episode, let's give Nick no lines and a poorly written death!"
AmTR Sarah Trapped This user thought Sarah's death was too much to handle.
Why give the most innocent character a slow and painful death?


This user misses Christa
"I have to find my friend, Christa"
RIP Determinant Nick This user will never forget Determinant Nick.
"Dead" just isn't the same.
Lee Everett Ep 04 This user misses Lee Everett.

I miss Lee..

CroppedAss This user is a fan of Rosita's ass.
Son of a dick, that's a great ass!
508 Beth Death This user hates how Beth died in Season 5.

Did she have to die right when she was about to reunite with her group?

Kennyism This user is a Kennyist.
Kenny is love. Kenny is life.
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About Me

I'm a fan of the video game. I also like the TV Series, but the video game is WAY cooler! I've played the video game from the first time episode one came out to now where I'm waiting for Season 3. Not much else to really say here. 

Video Game

TWD S3 Cover

Favorite Video Game Characters

EP4 Angry Lee This user is a fan of Lee Everett.
Long live Lee!
ATL Beef With David This user is a fan of Clementine.
"I'm still. NOT. BITTEN. I never was. And you left me out here to die."
IHW Kenny Glock This user is a fan of Kenny
Long live Kenny
LRA Doug RV Wide This user is a fan of Doug.

"Holy moly!"

Chuck1 This user is a fan of Chuck.
"You ain't little, you ain't a girl, you ain't a boy, you ain't strong, or smart, you're alive."
ATRT Omid Wide This user is a fan of Omid.

"You ruined that dude's face."

Molly.3 This user is a fan of Molly.
Long live the badass ninja!
LRA Bandit Gun This user is a fan of the the bandit leader.


400D Vince Inox This user is a fan of Vince.
"Fuck Wall Street."

Wyatt SAA

This user is a fan of Wyatt.

"Hey Wyatt, I ate paint when I was a kid, doi!"

Eddie SAA This user is a fan of Eddie.

"I will punch your eyes."

Russell Glock 17 This user is a fan of Russell.
"I don't want no trouble."
400D Nate Glock This user is a fan of Nate.
"Things are going to be a-okay..."
Shel&Becca21 This user is a fan of Shel.
Long live Shel!
IHW Left Alone This user is a fan of Luke.
"I just want to survive, and that means pickin' the right side."
AHD Nick Winchester This user is a fan of Nick.

"Say that again! Mister, I ain't a boy!"

AmTR Pete Aiming Crossbow This user is a fan of Pete.

You will be missed, old man.

IHW Run Out Of Road This user is a fan of Alvin.
"You take care of my girls. I get the feeling it's gonna be a girl... Just a hunch."
AHD Carlos Inox This user is a fan of Carlos.

"There's nothing to fear if you remain calm. I'll keep you safe."

AmTR Sarah Beholden This user is a fan of Sarah.
"I don't know why people have to be so mean. Like, even when I'm really mad I still don't want to hurt anyone..."
AmTR Rebecca Revolver This user is a fan of Rebecca.
"Gimme the fuckin' pills!"
AmTR Gunpoint This user is fan of Jane.
"Versatility is not overrated."
NGB Vitali Pissed This user is a fan of Vitali.
"I kill every one of you!"
ATR Winston Glock This user is a fan of Winston.
"Jesus, are you fucking kidding me?!"

IHW Trailer Carver Get to work

This user is a Fan of William "Bill" Carver.
"The fuck are you looking at, bitch? Don't act like you didn't love every second of it--"

Season 1

NTL Lee Sad Smile Box
NGB Kenny Wellington Arrival
ATR Omid Gil's
AEC Molly Sarcastic

400 Days

IHW Vince Stockroom
IHW Wyatt Dooood
WS Eddie Smile
Nate Glance
IHW Shel Explaining

Season 2

IHW Nick Scared
AHD Pete Neutral
IHW Alvin Happy
IHW Carlos Stoic
AmTR Sarah Convinced
NGB Jane Howe's
NGB Vitali Aiming
IHW Trailer Carver Real Pissed

Hated Video Game Characters

Lilly after killing Doug This user hates Lilly
AND Larry Fisticuffs This user hates Larry.
"He's just an old racist asshole!"
Vernon This user Hates Vernon.
Worst doctor ever!!!!
AEC Brie Morgue This user Hates Brie.
A COMPLETE BITCH. That's what she is.
NTL Stranger Choked This user hates the Stranger

"He was going to kill you."

AHD Seriously Fuck Bonnie This user hates Bonnie.
You'll pay for betraying our goodwill.
IHW Becca Bitchy This user hates Becca
What a snobby, ungrateful bitch!
IHW Tavia Speech This user Hates Tavia.
ATR Michelle Glock This user hates Michelle.
You couldn't let Omid last more than 10 minutes?
IHW Troy Death This user Hates Troy.
A Dick got shot in the Dick. POETIC JUSTICE!
NGB Arvo Winchester This user hates Arvo.
dolgo nenavist' , Arvo !

Season 1

LRA Lilly Box
SFH Larry ML
AEC Vernon House

400 Days

NGB Bonnie Night
IHW Becca Pissy
IHW Tavia Following

Season 2

IHW Troy Sick Shit
NGB Arvo Pissed

My Choices

Season 1

A New Day

Honest To Hershel

This user was honest with Hershel.
"...I got a ride and then I was in a wreck. I walked until your boy found me."

Saved Duck

This player chose to save Duck.
Kids first.

AND Wanna Get Violent

This user sided with Kenny during the argument in the drugstore.
"You wanna get violent, you old fuck?! Well, COME ON! You better have a plan to kill me though, because it's ME before anyone else in here!"

Irene Suicide Voluntary

This user gave Irene the gun.
"Give it to her."

AND Carley Devoured

This user saved Doug, resulting in Carley getting devoured by walkers.
"I thought you needed the help."

Starved For Help

SFH Amputated

This user chopped off David's leg.
"I'm gonna have to cut you out."


This user didn't shoot Jolene.
Danny shot her.
2012-11-25 00033 This user stopped Clementine from eating human meat.

"You're eating human meat!"

SFH For The Best

This user helped Kenny killed Larry.
"You're right, Kenny. Let's get this over with."


Andy Sad Face

This user spared Andrew St. John's life.
I ain't like 'em.

Clem episode 2

This user took the supplies from the station wagon.
"We need it for survival, Clementine."

Long Road Ahead

Beatrice Shoulder Bite

This user let Beatrice get devoured.
At least she bought us some time.

LRA A Regretable Turn of Events

This user left Lilly behind.
"You're not coming with us."

LRA Nonviolent

This user calmly convinced Kenny to stop the train.
"I just wanna talk."


This user put Duck out of his misery.
"I'll do it, Kenny."

LRA Saving Bromid

This user helped Omid first.

Around Every Corner

WDG Fivel & Lee

This user killed the zombified Fivel.
"I'm sorry."

AEC Taking The Gun

This user reasoned with Vernon when the two first met.
"It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you."

WalkingDead101 2012-11-16 04-23-15-69

This user brought Clementine to Crawford.
"Okay, you can come. But you have to promise to stay quiet."


This user pulled Ben up in Crawford.
No, Ben, NO!

AEC My Blood

This user revealed Lee's bite to the group.
"No way... No. No fucking way!"
AEC Group Outside Morgue This user convinced everyone to help Lee find Clementine.

"Come on, guys. Let's go."

No Time Left

WalkingDead101 2012-11-22 06-57-50-45

This user cut Lee's arm off
It's worth a shot.

NTL Lee Kenny Standoff

This user lost their temper with Kenny.
"Then kill me you mothafucka!"

Stranger Shh

This user had Lee keep his weapon.
Lee is going to need some sharp thingies to kill the bastard that took Clem.

NTL Stranger Choked

This user killed the Stranger.

NTL Lee Just Before Death

This user killed Lee out of mercy.
"You have to shoot me, honey."

400 Days

Vince FN SLP

This user chose to shoot Danny.
Vince and Justin made it out alive.


This user stayed in the car while Eddie went outside.
"Eddie! Hurry up man..."

Nate Wants to Be Friends

This user stood up to Nate.
"I ain't hurtin' no one... and don't you hurt these people either."

Bonnie Flashlight

This user lied to Leland regarding what happened to Dee.
"I... I found her like this."


This user chose to leave Roman's camp.
"I don't want this to be who we are."

IHW Vince Stockroom

In this user's gameplay, Vince went with Tavia.
"It'll be good guys, I'm sure of it."

IHW Wyatt Dooood

In this user's gameplay, Wyatt went with Tavia.
"Wait, you find survivors? Do you find a lot? Well we gotta go, Eddie might be there."

IHW Russell Guard

In this user's gameplay, Russell went with Tavia.
"If you try anything, you're gonna regret it."

IHW Shel Explaining

In this user's gameplay, Shel made the decision for her and her sister to leave with Tavia.
"What else is there?"

Season 2

All That Remains


This user tried to save Christa when she was attacked by the scavengers.

ATR Sam Stabbed

This user killed Sam out of mercy.
"I'm sorry, Sam."

ATR Nick's Story

This user accepted Nick's apology.
"I understand. You were just trying to protect your friends."

ATR Victor Water

This user gave the water to the dying man.
Maybe he knows what happened to Christa.

ATR Pete Struggle

This user chose to run to Pete when they were attacked by walkers at the fish traps.

A House Divided

AHD Nicest Man I Know

This user took the blame for taking the pictures for Sarah.
"I took the picture!"

AHD Kenny Sarita Dinner

This user sat with Kenny.
I haven't seen him in a long time; we should catch up.

AHD Take a Puff

This user told Walter the truth about Matthew.
"It was us, it was our fault. Nick shot him."

AHD Nick Appreciative

In this user's gameplay, Nick lives.
Walter saved the guy.

AHD Commando Clem

This user sought Luke and Kenny's help after Carver captured the rest of the group.
"I'll go find Luke and Kenny."

In Harm's Way

IHW Howe's 12

This user helped Sarah do her chores in the greenhouse.
"Here, watch me."

IHW Consideration

This user told Bonnie about Luke.
"Bonnie... all I need from you, is to just not care where I am, for fifteen minutes."

IHW Kenny Covering

This user tried to come clean to Carver about the walkie talkie.
"I've got it--"

IHW Karma

This user chose to stay and watch Kenny kill Carver.
"It's not your decision."

IHW Stump

This user chopped off Sarita's arm after she was bitten.

Amid The Ruins

AmTR Sarah Slapped

This user saved Sarah by slapping her.

AmTR We Need This Medicine

This user chose to rob Arvo.
"You will wish you hadn't done this."

AmTR Stuck

This user chose to crawl through the ticket booth.
"I guess I'm not as small as I used to be."

AmTR Mommy Clementine

This user held Rebecca's baby.
"Look at ya, like a big sister."

AmTR Clem Shooting Rebecca

This user shot Rebecca.
She was gonna eat the baby!

No Going Back

NGB Baby First

This user recovered AJ during the shootout.
"Good work Clem!"

NGB Bonnie Reaching

This user decided to cover Luke instead of trying to save him.
The ice was too thin.

NGB We Gotta Get Away From Him

This user didn't ask to leave with Mike after finding him trying to leave with the supplies.
"I'll shoot!"

NGB Jane Stabbed

This user let Kenny killed Jane.
"You were right about her, Kenny."

NGB Staying With Kenny

This user's Clementine left Wellington with Kenny and AJ.

TV Series

CnVMI0nWAAEWQLA.jpg large

Favorite TV Series Characters

S5E8 Rick 56 This user is a fan of Rick Grimes.
"We're not too far gone."
TWDS2E07 11 This user is a fan of Shane Walsh.
"You're pretty much dead already."
S5E8 Daryl 24 This user is a fan of Daryl Dixon.
Long live the Darylocracy!
The Walking Dead S03E08 2620 This user is a fan of Glenn Rhee.
He's Korean!
TWD GP 312 0912 0388 This user is a fan of Michonne.
"Couldn't leave this behind it's just too gorgeous."

Long live Michonne and her Katana.

TWD 413 GP 1025 0008 This user is a fan of Maggie Greene.
Long live Bo-Peep, Maggie Greene!
Tyreesesunlight This user is a fan of Tyreese.
"Karen didn't deserve this, David didn't deserve it... Nobody does!"
TWD-Episode-414-Main-590 This user is a fan of Carol Peletier.
You don't need to like what I did. You just have to accept it!
When i see the booty This user is a fan of Bob Stookey.

"That's bullshit."

Walking-Dead-311-19 This user is a fan of Merle Dixon.

"Slow down, beaner."

Original-1- This user is a fan of T-Dog.
"Don't gimme that gangsta shit."
Quality Axel This user is a fan of Axel.
You follow me?
Hounded.1.26 This user is a fan of Gargulio.
Clearly the best character!
800px-TWDS2E09 07 This user is a fan of Hershel Greene.
"Get off my land!"
S5E4 Beth 82 This user is a fan of Beth Greene.
Long live Beth!
1x04 023 This user is a fan of Jim.
"Do you hear that? That's the sound of God laughing while you make plans."

612 Rick Vigilant
614 Daryl Neutral
Season six maggie greene
615 Carol Worried
Negan profile
612 Morgan Listening
502 Gareth Night
Beth Alone portrait piano
Season four bob stookey (2)

Hated TV Series Characters

Seed.67 This user Hates Lori Grimes.
Long Hate the Cranky Cheating Bitch!
E8a1df13da3644f9089399e2315ee521 This user Hates Andrea.
Long Hate Andrea!
LB Governor Beardo This user Hates The Governor.
Long Hate The Governor!

"I hate my Guts"

EdTVface This user hates Ed Peletier, the Wife-Beater
"Hey, don't think I won't knock you on your ass, just cause you're some college educated cooze, alright?"


This user hates Martin.
Long hate this baby threatening piece of shit!
AMC 514 Gabriel Crucifix This user hates Gabriel Stokes.
A 'priest'. LEL K.
Nicholas annoyed This user hates Nicholas.
TV Allen died? Say no more, lets ruin another CS Father

Andrea I ain't a Judas ahsgsa
TFG Philip Blake
Season five martin

Templates I've created

Wyatt SAA

This user is a fan of Wyatt.

"Hey Wyatt, I ate paint when I was a kid, doi!"

NGB Arvo's Hatred This user is a fan of Arvo.


AmTR Zombie Nick This user hates how Nick died in Amid The Ruins.
Telltale Games: "In this episode, let's give Nick no lines and a poorly written death!"
AmTR Sarah Trapped This user thought Sarah's death was too much to handle.
Why give the most innocent character a slow and painful death?

NGB Kenny VS Jane 9

This user hates Jane.

"Upset? You're fucking crazy!"

NGB Mike Backing Arvo Up This user hates Mike.
He stole our stuff and left us for dead!


This user hates Martin.
Long hate this baby threatening piece of shit!
IHW Becca Bitchy This user hates Becca
What a snobby, ungrateful bitch!
NTL Stranger Choked This user hates the Stranger

"He was going to kill you."

Hilarious Quotes

"Lee's penis size is entirely up to the player, more or less. He can either assume a hopeful and slightly idealistic penis size..."
—Vandal on Lee Everett's page
"The most obvious penis that Lee displays throughout the entire series is the ability to be caring and loving."
—Vandal on Lee Everett's page
"You know what? You are right."
—Dracula admitting his crush towards Sarah
"I'm pretty sure that's Clem, not you Dracula."
—Riley's response to Dracula using Clementine's still not bitten picture as an example of how serious he is about his crush on Sarah.
—Bob Stookey shouting to Tyreese.
"You step outside, you risk your penis. You take a drink of water, you risk your penis. And nowadays you breathe, and you still risk your penis. Every moment now...you don't have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking your penis for. Now, I can make these people feel better with a new penis and hang on a little bit longer. I can save lives and penis. And that's enough reason to risk mine...I fucked my daughters..."
—Vandal on TV Hershel's page.
"Sarah is the biggest bitch. Even bigger than Kyle's mom."
—Piss Basin trolling Dracula by calling Sarah a bitch.
"She left me... my dick... "
—Vandal on Kenny's page.
"Kenny to Nick after he completes him for his toughness."
—Failed edit by an anonymous user.
"I had to shoot Lee. So don't be an asshole and pretend you're the only one whose lost people!"
—Clementine showing Kenny who's boss.
"You're fucking crazy!"
—Clementine insulting Jane after finding out that AJ is alive.
"Jane is a murderous baby killer that can easily be described as an aloof and unsocial woman and who prefers to stick to herself. Beneath the rugged surface, there is nothing but baby rape. She is a resourceful, opportunistic and cuming person who has managed to adapt very well by killing babys, to the harsh and unforgiving lifestyle of a survivor, having developed a rather logical and cynical point of view on life. She has learned very well how to avoid and take down babys. Jane is brutal about Kennys family, people and situations, which sometimes gets her into feuds with others."
—Vandal on Jane's page.
"Arvo is a giant fucking cunt. Has killed thousands of Jews in the holocaust. Fuck him. Go fuck him in the ass hard. i hope he fucking goes to hell"
—Vandal on Arvo's page.
"Fuck the administration system, fuck the community, and fuck you. Have a nice day, Mr. Admin."
—Shellturleguy telling off an admin before quitting.
"You...you idiots! Hahaha! I've been bitten you stupid pricks! I'm tainted meat! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! TAINTED MEAT! YOU'VE EATEN TAINTED MEAT!!!"
—Bob Stookey revealing to Gareth and the cannibals that he's tainted meat.

Miscellaneous Stuff and Thaaangs

Even More Stuff and Thaaaangs

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