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My TV Ratings / 10

Fear The Walking Dead

Season 1 ~ 7

This season never really explained what it was set out to. By the end of the season I was worried it would turn into a clone of the main series. It wasn't terrible, it was just not like most of us envisaged it to be. I was put off after hearing there was no cross-overs. The Pilot didn't do it any favours because it introduced zombies too quickly and did not explain the reason for the apocalypse. It focused on the family too much and shelved the importance of the apocalypse. The season got marginally better as it progressed. The finale was good and the direction into the second season is promising. I'll give it a chance in season 2, I hope it exceeds expectations. I summarised my issues with this first season here.

"Pilot" Not sure what to think... 4
"So Close, Yet So Far" 9
"The Dog" 8
"Not Fade Away" 6.5
"Cobalt" 6
"The Good Man" 8

Season 2 ~ 6

2A ~ 6
2B ~ 6.5

The first part of the season got slightly better as it went along; but it just was not very good. The continuity here is skewered in a way that makes it impossible to predict what will happen to the characters - which is a bit disappointing. Timelines are inconsistent, and characters are really emotionally turbulent. 2B showed that with changes to Travis and Chris. Although this season introduced and developed some good characters, it was lacklustre and lacked a direction. The lack of source material really shows.

"Monster" 6
"We All Fall Down" Filler? Yes! 5.5
"Ouroboros" Disappointing again. 5
"Blood in the Streets" 6
"Captive" 7
"Sicut Cervus" 7.5
"Shiva" Just bad. 5
"Grotesque" 6
"Los Muertos" 6.5
"Do Not Disturb" 8
"Pablo & Jessica" 7
"Pillar of Salt" 6
"Date of Death" 6.5
"Wrath" Bit of a waste. 6
"North" What now? 5

The Walking Dead

Season 1 ~ 8.5

Great opening season. The CDC storyline felt a little bit odd however I liked it. I liked the characters and I prefer the smaller nature of the setting/group to what it is now... it allows some characters to have more development. Daryl was a badass outcast here and in S2, he's crap now. The Quarry is one of my favourite settings.

"Days Gone Bye" 9.5
"Guts" Tense as hell. 8
"Tell It to the Frogs" 9
"Vatos" 8
"Wildfire" 8
"TS-19" 8.5

Season 2 ~ 8

2A ~ 7.5
2B ~ 9

My personal favourite season. I loved the farm. I know that not much really happened but watching all the episodes in a row show the increasing tension and drama perfectly. The finale is my favourite episode of the show to air. Shane was the standout character of this season, no doubt.

"What Lies Ahead" Interesting production. 9
"Bloodletting" 8
"Save the Last One" 8
"Cherokee Rose" 6.5
"Chupacabra" 7
"Secrets" 7
"Pretty Much Dead Already" 8
"Nebraska" 8
"Triggerfinger" 8.5
"18 Miles Out" Not much happened. 8.5
"Judge, Jury, Executioner" 8
"Better Angels" 10
"Beside the Dying Fire" Brilliant. 10

Season 3 ~ 7

3A ~ 8
3B ~ 6.5

This season was not very good. The Governor and Woodbury storyline was butchered to hell. It introduced a wave of relatively boring characters, excluding Merle, Milton and the Governor. It's a shame considering Season 3A was quite good. The only redeeming episodes of 3B were 12 and 15. Both masterpieces, but the rest was forgettable.

"Seed" 9
"Sick" 8.5
"Walk With Me" 7
"Killer Within" 9
"Say the Word" 6
"Hounded" 8
"When the Dead Come Knocking" 7
"Made to Suffer" 8
"The Suicide King" 7
"Home" 6.5
"I Ain't a Judas" 6
"Clear" 10
"Arrow on the Doorpost" 5
"Prey" Never watch again. 3
"This Sorrowful Life" 10
"Welcome to the Tombs" 6

Season 4 ~ 7.5

4A ~ 8
4B ~ 7

This season felt a bit 'filler'. The virus storyline was well played out even if it was totally unexplained. Episodes 5 and 8 very good. Season 4B was a mixture of great and terrible, focusing on small character groups slowly (and conveniently) going to the same place? Felt far-fetched. Episode 14 the pick of what was a rather unmemorable bunch. Don't mention episode 12... Please don't.

"30 Days Without An Accident" 7.5
"Infected" 8
"Isolation" 8
"Indifference" 7
"Internment" Adrenaline-pumping. 9.5
"Live Bait" 6
"Dead Weight" 8
"Too Far Gone" 9
"After" 8
"Inmates" 7
"Claimed" 8
"Still" Never. Again. 2
"Alone" 7
"The Grove" Good acting. 9.5
"Us" 7
"A" 8

Season 5 ~ 7

5A ~ 7
5B ~ 7

Brilliant Premier but seemed to drop off thereafter. Terminus storyline good while it lasted. Didn't like the hospital storyline but liked Dawn and Steven as characters. Ep. 9 good, liked seeing some characters back, even if they were hallucinations. 5B was on the whole forgettable.

"No Sanctuary" 9
"Strangers" 8
"Four Walls and a Roof" 8.5
"Slabtown" 8
"Self Help" 7
"Consumed" 3
"Crossed" 6
"Coda" Yes! This arc is closed! 7.5
"What Happened and What's Going On" 8
"Them" 4
"The Distance" 6
"Remember" 7
"Forget" 6
"Spend" 8
"Try" 7
"Conquer" 6.5

Season 6 ~ 6

6A ~ 6
6B ~ 5.5

This series was very disappointing, with Episode 4 the standout for me. 6A was disappointing and filled with filler: Episodes 5, 6 and 7 examples of that. 6B contained some very obvious filler Ep. 13 and did not live up to my already low expectations. Cliffhanger was annoying, and I'm ultimately sure there will be another copout when it comes to who gets Lucilled.

"First Time Again" Confusing. 6.5
"JSS" 8
"Thank You" Copout. 6
"Here's Not Here" 9.5
"Now" No thanks. No. 5
"Always Accountable" 3
"Heads Up" 4
"Start to Finish" 6
"No Way Out" Plotholes. 4.5
"The Next World" 8
"Knots Untie" 9
"Not Tomorrow Yet" 6
"The Same Boat" 3
"Twice as Far" Predictable. 4
"East" 6
"Last Day on Earth" I'm so done. 2

Season 7

After episode 1, I think I'm done with the franchise. Sad really. Torn between whether it was the quality drop or just a loss of interest.

"The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be" 6.5

Webisodes and Flight 462

Torn Apart ~ 7

For what they were, they were good. Due to their shorter nature I wasn't as invested in them however I liked the backstory for Hannah and an illustration of what happened early in the apocalypse.

"A New Day" Not sure on the acting. 7
"Family Matters" 6
"Domestic Violence" 6
"Neighborly Advice" 8.5
"Step Mother" 6
"Everything Dies" 8

Cold Storage ~ 8.5

I liked these webisodes. I liked the nostalgia present in Episode 2. The webisodes introduce some rather interesting characters and the episodes were also good. Episode 4 in particular, was very good.

"Hide and Seek" 8
"Keys to the Kingdom" 8
"The Chosen Ones" 8.5
"Parting Shots" Very good. 9

The Oath ~ 9

Personally my favourite webisode series of the bunch. It contains some very powerful dialogue about choice and is also very well written. The characters are interesting and it begins to show a different perspective of the post-apocalyptic world survivors live in. I also like how it is set in the same hospital Rick wakes up in; that's a nice touch.

"Alone" 8
"Choice" 9.5
"Bond" Powerful Dialogue. 9.5

Flight 462 ~ 4

I'll rant about this eventually Probably never ... not going to write a shorthand evaluation of this. No, I'm not.

My Video Game Ratings / 10

The Walking Dead

Season 1 ~ 9

Season 1 was an exceptional piece of work. It came out with a concrete plotline which was carried until the end. I loved the fact that each character had a different personality which was built over the series. Antagonists were well-depicted. Episodes 2 and 5 were both masterpieces. One thing I was disappointed about however, is how a lot of side characters met along the way were killed off; more characters should have been left as unknown. The storyline with the Stranger was great, and it made perfect sense. The relationships between characters was executed perfectly with key decisions affecting these. However one thing I was disappointed in was the fact these choices didn't really change the outcome of the game itself.

"A New Day" Excellent pilot. 9
"Starved For Help" Eerie and spectacular. 10
"Long Road Ahead" 9
"Around Every Corner" 8.5
"No Time Left" Absolutely perfect. 10

400 Days ~ 6

These stories were okay, I guess. Some characters were quite interesting, others were forgettable. It's a shame the characters (mostly) only had cameos in Season 2 - there was potential for them.

"Vince's Story" 8.5
"Wyatt's Story" Weed. 8.5
"Russell's Story" 6
"Bonnie's Story" 4
"Shel's Story" 5
"Epilogue" Restrictive decisions FTW. 5

Season 2 ~ 6.5

I was a little bit disappointed with this season. This might be given a balance of poor storytelling and the fact it totally left original plotlines: what happened to Kenny wanting a boat? The drama was contrived and it didn't allow for the player to investigate and interact with surroundings and people like the first season did. Killing off all cabin survivors is unforgivable, even though only a couple of them really are memorable. Carver was wasted as an antagonist. Clem had way to much influence on decision-making, and a lot of the side characters were either dull or illogical. I summarised my frustrations with this season here.

"All That Remains" 8.5
"A House Divided" 9
"In Harm's Way" Immersion Breaker. 6.5
"Amid The Ruins" Least favourite. 4
"No Going Back" RANT. 5

Michonne ~ 6

'Meh' is the only word I'd use to describe this DLC. I feel indifferent to this series and it begins to feel like Telltale Games are trying to beat a dead horse. The final episode of the DLC was good, I felt, however it jut felt a little samey. Some characters came in and I enjoyed their presence, only to die stupid deaths without any way of keeping them alive. The curse of Nick lives on - determinant characters are still negligible in future episodes. Episode 2 was awful. The choices didn't make sense some times and the lack of choice in certain situations was also annoying. Overall, 'meh'.

"In Too Deep" Not too bad. 6.5
"Give No Shelter" SSDD. 4
"What We Deserve" 8


Fear The Walking Dead

Favourite (in order)

Despised (in order)

Pretty much the whole cast would go there if I'd be bothered to list them. But I'm not going to. Apart from the 3 above, of course. They were... ok... I guess.

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Plus most of the arrivals from Season 3.

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