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  • I live in Konoha
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"I love you juan"
— Naru

FTWD Character that i made using some randos picture

" Know what Alicia !? I'm sick of you and your goddamn group always ruining things for our group. You guys killed Ennis, his name is close to penis and I love penis. You ruined the staduim, that should've been our home. I'm so glad your brother is dead, he rejected my advances so he can advance right to hell. I'm done ! I'm so fuckign done. *NO MORE CHURCH, NO MORE JESUS, NO MORE ANY OF THAT ! WE SHOULD KILL YOU ALL * Melvin, Uncle Edger, Charlie get yo guns we killin this cunty bitch and her sexy boy toy strand ;). Oh FYI Alicia Naomi always hated you guys. She said you guys don't even know how to cook canned tuna you guys are savages. I'm glad we should up when we did so Poor innocent Charlie wouldn't be poisoned by you plebs. oh god i need a minute. (PAUSE) Yah i'm okay now. Philpe was right the whole time, he said i would never do well outside houston and he's right. we should've atleast try to move to Vanconver but no he said. i can't give up my job at pink berry he said. Well now he's dead ! because of these fucking dead things. they're icky and smelly. anyways sorry for the rant. we shall kill you now.


—Tyler to Alicia Clark[src]

while cressing against an unnamed man.

Tyler, also referred to as taytay, is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He is the high ranking member of the Vultures and serves as the secondary antagonist for the first half of Season 4.


Tyler is shown to be very open about his sexuality as a male escort. even trying to hook up with Nick, and Cole. He is also shown to be very aggressive and unstable


Montrose, Texas

Nothing is known about Tyler's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than he has a named Edgar, and lived in Montrose, a neighborhood known for being gay in Houston. Where he lived with a boyfriend possibly named Philpe


for some time Tyler was be himself as he confesses to Cole while hitting on him and said he was the last member standing of his 1st group At some point following the zombie outbreak, Tyler eventually joined and became a high ranking of a group of survivors that would eventually become known as "The Vultures".

Season 4

"Another Day in the Diamond"

Tyler and the vultures show up to the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium. He is seen in the back ground wavy and hitting on Nick Clark.

"Good Out Here"

is seen trying to talk to cole.


Tyler is seen talking to his fellow vultures in the backgroud while playing with Ennis and Charlie. Later on he supports Mel and is sent to spy on Cole,Strand, and Nick.

"Just in Case"

Tyler appears with the vultures and right away starts berating Alicia, Strand and Lucy. about Ennis' death and prepears for the assuing gun fight. Alongside Edger, Charlie, and Melvin.

"The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now"

Tyler is over taken by Strand in the gun fight and is shot in the head.

Tyler is seen plotting with Ennis about burning down the stadium.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Tyler has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people (Caused and Direct)


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 4

personal bullshit


(´◔౪◔) ✂ ╰U╯ (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ≧◉◡◉≦

I love the Walking Dead ! It's one of the best shows ever. I'm huge supporter of Beth, I think she is just the best. If she dies my heart will break. <\3  I really Hate Boruto. I think Naruto should've had abortion on him so he won't exist. Boruto not he's alive can burn in hell for ever with Michenno shoving her sword up his pee-pee hole and beth signing. Fuck Boruto

In real life, I'm a home schooler, high school student. I have mild medical training, a black belt and i'm fit. So I would survive, if the zombies ever come I will use my swords to fight them, and get a gun some how. (hopefully) that is i get out of Boston alive.  If I do i will make my way to Montana or some place like that.   If you want to join, you can so long as you're not bad like Negan. :3

my sandbox stuff here


hahaha sorry chap

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Fun Facts About me 

  • I'm a boy. 
  • I'm of European, decent 
  • I like Naruto, and other Anime
  • I'm writting my own walking dead fan fiction, and a indy horror movie. 
  • I'm an actor in training 
  • I enjoy cosplaying as Naruto, Link(from Legend of zelda ) and others.
  • I collet swords.
  • (Have a long sword and kanata )  
  •  I have a good sense of humor.
  • I'm an Atheist 
  • I love Ramen
  • I love sports,
    • I Rock climb, Ski, cliff jump, swim, and much more
  • I love the Eagles hotel California
    • I also love Imagine, by John Lennon, and most 60s-80s music
      • I hate most rap and hip hop.
  • My shows are
    1. Walking dead
    2. Naruto
    3. South Park
    4. Family guy
    5. American Dad
  • Contact info
    • Kik@narutorulez
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    • meow @NarutoUzumaki
  • I like to wear strapons as backpacks

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"Suck my dieeecckkkkkkkkkzzzzzz CamTheFuckingWoot,Popsfuckingmcacapo —Anon insulting Cam and Pops  ​  [here]

'dildo is a week pokemon-- My self

  • first they rick and carl have sex
  • trulen vazquez dies
  • dayrl rapes beth
  • beth has a baby - some vandel on alone[1]

Dickuto -zammy on the chat after i told him to shut up ♥

fuck all of you joey is way more famous the the stupid bitch ass slut called "nate" i am never subscribing and he made a stupid mistake to post that video. Joey is a great man and he is our inspiration to all of us. So if you want to go and say something bad go up to all of his 3million+ subscribers and say it in there faces. unless you can do that you have no right. plus whats wrong with being 12 and watching joey videos. all us chickdee aynas look up to him and you can't right hate about that. and finnaly. i thank you for righting a hate comment because you just gained nate a whole lad of dislike and joey a whole planet full of subscribers. so get you ass away from YouTube because YouTube pays joey to do what he does because they think he is great, like this comment if you agree and disslike the video. -some joey fan girl on this video [2]

Why cant they all just have an orgy with Michonne?

Imagine the wittle baby!

In fact make that the focus of an episode. I feel that would be by far the most memorable episode by far!

-sagewrex on this blog [3]

Carl and Sophia decide to explore each other after seeing Rick and Lori do it. Eventually Rachel and Susie Greene join in and help Sophia "handle" Carl in an epic an amazing foursome (They also stumble across Patricia's sex toy collection). Plus, Axel watches from the sidelines and gives Carl pointers on how to handle the ladies...cause' he likes to "watch." That is the best I can do, call me a pedophile, but the rules never specified it could not be children - Gravelord writting a fan fiction [[4]]

Daryl has a good relationship with his penis and his ass. -- vandel here [5]

Who said he(lou) reanimated? There's no proof he even died. All we heard were walker noises. Couldn't it just have been one of the ten zillion walkers roaming the earth? some idiot here [6]

Lori is a negro Vandel on Lori's page [7]

Christ Naruto, can you learn how to spell? Get a lesson in grammar. Oh, and I hope you're enjoying the show Haily.

Sucks that I look hypocritical now; I should've put a comma before the "Haily" in my last sentence. You may crucify me, maybe even castrate me if that's your thing. - some anon belitting me [[8]]

The only positive thing about you is your HIV status. User:Negan Burning User:Hallowseve15

=Relationships - his faggot dad -- Vandel on Negan's page [9]

Glenn - Age =666 - vandel on glenn's page [[10]]

Can somebody please poop on mah face? Anon here - [11]

Thought Gabe would a nigger chance to kill one of the saviors. Negan on chat habing a typo

It is in my youth that I realized. I'm just a discombobulated young individual, incarcerated for the rest of my life. I could never have guess the heinously anus crime of smuggling muddy pond water into a burlesque house could warrant my immediate execution. Even today I can still recall the prostitutes screaming as I doused them with the pond water, frog and all. Perhaps I deserve it? Perhaps I deserve to rot with the worst of them for all eternity, forever doomed to drop the soap in the presence of a 7ft8 bodybuilding sociopathic man by the name of Carol. For this is truly my crime, my punishment. I will enjoy every second of it, for that pain in my arse is not Carol's 15" play mate, it's the throbbing slippery rod of rehabilitation being lustily jousted into my rear. I know no love, I know no fear, I only know pond water.____ CAM on chat

Carley also has a fine ass for a video game character. If I actually had to rate it, I would give it a 9.5. I remember the first five minutes of seeing her, my hand was really sore. Then I accidentally picked Doug over Carley. I had to restart the whole game. I didn't care if I was an asshole to Clementine, because I know girls like tough guys. Vandal on [[12]] Carly's page page

ok you think you can bitch me out i am the king of bitch fuck you and fuck this bullshit you little twats you are all a bunch of little twats and you douche bags need ,to listen up who the fuck are you who the fuck do you think you are coming in here with you motherfucking bulshit- Mdklatt


"Donald Trump is so stupid that I told him I was reading a book by Homer and he asked if I had anything written by Bart."

"Donald Trump is so stupid that that he thought Boyz II Men was a day care center."

"Donald Trump is so stupid that he said "what's that letter after x" and I said Y he said "Cause I wanna know"."

"I already warned this lifeless anal dicklicker to stop reverting my fucking edits!"

"Donald Trump is so greasy that if Crisco had a football team, he'd be the mascot"

"Donald Trump is so stupid that he put a quarter in a parking meter and waited for a gumball to come out." " User:PvtHudson XXXI "



rank walking dead issues/Episodes

Do a prediction page.thingy

world domination ( but don't tell anyone)

Video Game Decisions

A New Day

Honesty: Lied or tell the truth to Hershel? I Told Hershel the truth

Who would you save: Who did you save first?I Saved Shawn

Loyalty: Who did you side with? I Sided with Lord Kenny

Mercy: Did you give Irene the gun? I Refused !

Who would you save: Who did you save? I Saved Carley

Evil doers

(Feel free to ad people)

Name: MrRepzion

Issued by: Mustdestroyall

Offence: Being a douche bag

Punishment: getting sat on upon by the Amazing Atheist! -


Issued by:Myself(Naruto)

Offence: Being a useless whore

Punishment: dildo wrapped in barb wire, shoved up her pee-pee


Issued By: secret 

Offence: being arse hat and antagonize Cam and the wiki 

Punishment: being banned from seeing Chandler Riggs 

Name: Das wunderbar

issued by: Me 

Offence: be a class A prick and mocking those with disablities 

punishment: Justin Bieber music left on loop for 2 weeks

Name: you

Issued by: niggerfaggot

Offence: liking anime like a fag

Punishment: asshole bleached nine times

Reason on the list for being a racist cunt

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