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Have you seen my profile?
Have you seen my profile?
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About Me=
I am a massive fan of ''[[The Walking Dead]]'' ([[The Walking Dead (Comic Series)|Comic Series]], [[The Walking Dead (TV Series)|TV Series]], and [[The Walking Dead (Video Game)|Video Game]]). I watched the TV series first, then read the comics. Although I do not own the Telltale video game, I enjoy watching walkthroughs on YouTube. <s>I do play the ''[[The Walking Dead: Road to Survival|Road to Survival]]'' mobile game though.</s> As of August 28, 2016, I have retired from playing ''Road to Survival''.
In terms of ranking the mediums, I would have to place the comic series first, the video games (Telltale) second, and the TV series last. I do enjoy the TV series quite a bit, but the comics and video games have more likeable characters and are better paced.
I used to watch ''[[Fear The Walking Dead]]'', but I gave up on the show four episodes into the [[Season 2 (Fear The Walking Dead)|second season]]. I thought the [[Season 1 (Fear The Walking Dead)|first season]] was decent, and wasn't as bad as others were saying. However, it went downhill fast in season 2, and from what I've heard has continued to decline in quality up to present date.
I haven't read the [[Novel|novel series]] yet, but I hope that someday I will get around to reading them.
Global User Template=
Favorite Characters (in order)=
=='''Comic Series'''==
{| width="95%" align="center" border="0"
|{{Character Box Dead|image=Andrea - Issue 165.png|articlename=Andrea (Comic Series)|name=Andrea}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Negan 159.png|articlename=Negan (Comic Series)|name=Negan}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Dwight155 Crop.png|articlename=Dwight (Comic Series)|name=Dwight}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=Iss35.AliceBox.png|articlename=Alice Warren (Comic Series)|name=Alice Warren}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Eugene 127 Crop.png|articlename=Eugene Porter (Comic Series)|name=Eugene Porter}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Maggie 160 (4).png|articlename=Maggie Greene (Comic Series)|name=Maggie Greene}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Rick Issue 162.jpg|articlename=Rick Grimes (Comic Series)|name=Rick Grimes}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=131 Dante Crop.png|articlename=Dante (Comic Series)|name=Dante}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=Tyreese 26 Crop.png|articlename=Tyreese (Comic Series)|name=Tyreese}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Magna 131 Crop.png|articlename=Magna (Comic Series)|name=Magna}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Jesus127.jpg|articlename=Paul Monroe (Comic Series)|name=Paul Monroe}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=BanBrigov.png|articlename=Brian Blake (Comic Series)|name=Brian Blake}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Aaron Crop 153.png|articlename=Aaron (Comic Series)|name=Aaron}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=BanGlennUp.png|articlename=Glenn (Comic Series)|name=Glenn}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=Iss65.DaleBox.png|articlename=Dale (Comic Series)|name=Dale}}
===[[The Walking Dead (TV Series)|The Walking Dead]]===
{| width="95%" align="center" border="0"
|{{Character Box Alive|image=612 Rick Vigilant.png|articlename=Rick Grimes (TV Series)|name=Rick Grimes}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season seven negan.png|articlename=Negan (TV Series)|name=Negan}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season seven morgan jones.png|articlename=Morgan Jones (TV Series)|name=Morgan Jones}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=ShaneCrop.png|articlename=Shane Walsh (TV Series)|name=Shane Walsh}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=S4 Philip Crop.png|articlename=Philip Blake (TV Series)|name=Philip Blake}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season seven maggie rhee.png|articlename=Maggie Rhee (TV Series)|name=Maggie Rhee}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=Season four hershel greene.png|articlename=Hershel Greene (TV Series)|name=Hershel Greene}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=SimonS7ACrop.png|articlename=Simon (TV Series)|name=Simon}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season seven daryl dixon.png|articlename=Daryl Dixon (TV Series)|name=Daryl Dixon}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=Glenn S6 Crop.png|articlename=Glenn Rhee (TV Series)|name=Glenn Rhee}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season seven aaron.png|articlename=Aaron (TV Series)|name=Aaron}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season seven ezekiel.png|articlename=Ezekiel (TV Series)|name=Ezekiel}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season seven paul rovia.png|articlename=Paul Rovia (TV Series)|name=Paul Rovia}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Gabriel 7x15.png|articlename=Gabriel Stokes (TV Series)|name=Gabriel Stokes}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=Season four caesar martinez.png|articlename=Caesar Martinez (TV Series)|name=Caesar Martinez}}
===[[Fear The Walking Dead]]===
{| width="95%" align="center" border="0"
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season two daniel salazar.png|articlename=Daniel Salazar (Fear The Walking Dead)|name=Daniel Salazar}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=Season three travis manawa.png|articlename=Travis Manawa (Fear The Walking Dead)|name=Travis Manawa}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season three victor strand.png|articlename=Victor Strand (Fear The Walking Dead)|name=Victor Strand}}
|{{Character Box Unknown|image=AlexProfile.jpg|articlename=Alex (Fear The Walking Dead)|name=Alex}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=Season three ofelia salazar.png|articlename=Ofelia Salazar (Fear The Walking Dead)|name=Ofelia Salazar}}
=='''Video Game'''==
===[[Season 1 (Video Game)|Seasons 1]]-[[Season 3 (Video Game)|3]]===
{| width="95%" align="center" border="0"
|{{Character Box Alive|image=FTG Clementine Leaves 2.png|articlename=Clementine (Video Game)|name=Clementine}}
|{{Character Box Determinant|image=NTL Lee Shed Box.png|articlename=Lee Everett (Video Game)|name=Lee Everett}}
|{{Character Box Determinant|image=TTW Kenny Glad.png|articlename=Kenny (Video Game)|name=Kenny}}
|{{Character Box Determinant|image=FTG David Highway.png|articlename=David García (Video Game)|name=David García}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=FTG Javier Stoic.png|articlename=Javier García (Video Game)|name=Javier García}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=NGB Luke Firepit.png|articlename=Luke (Video Game)|name=Luke}}
|{{Character Box Unknown|image=MollyAECBox.png|articlename=Molly (Video Game)|name=Molly}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=ATR Omid Outside.png|articlename=Omid (Video Game)|name=Omid}}
|{{Character Box Determinant|image=TTW Conrad Neutral.png|articlename=Conrad (Video Game)|name=Conrad}}
|{{Character Box Determinant|image=NGB Jane Snow.png|articlename=Jane (Video Game)|name=Jane}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=ATL Tripp Angry.png|articlename=Tripp (Video Game)|name=Tripp}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=LRA Carley Box.png|articlename=Carley (Video Game)|name=Carley}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=ChuckAECBox.png|articlename=Charles (Video Game)|name=Charles}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=TTW Ava Serious.png|articlename=Ava (Video Game)|name=Ava}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=IHW Carver Frustrated.png|articlename=William Carver (Video Game)|name=William Carver}}
===[[400 Days]]===
{| width="95%" align="center" border="0"
|{{Character Box Unknown|image=IHW Vince Stockroom.png|articlename=Vince (Video Game)|name=Vince}}
|{{Character Box Unknown|image=WS Eddie Smile.png|articlename=Eddie (Video Game)|name=Eddie}}
|{{Character Box Unknown|image=Wyatt VG Crop.png|articlename=Wyatt (Video Game)|name=Wyatt}}
|{{Character Box Unknown|image=ShelEPIBox.png|articlename=Shel (Video Game)|name=Shel}}
|{{Character Box Determinant|image=Justin Kinda Angry.png|articlename=Justin (Video Game)|name=Justin}}
===[[The Walking Dead: Michonne]]===
{| width="95%" align="center" border="0"
|{{Character Box Alive|image=WWD Michonne Optimistic.png|articlename=Michonne (Video Game)|name=Michonne}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=ITD Randall Angry.png|articlename=Randall (Video Game)|name=Randall}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=WWD Pete Sad.png|articlename=Pete (Video Game)|name=Pete}}
|{{Character Box Alive|image=GNS Paige Concerned.png|articlename=Paige (Video Game)|name=Paige}}
|{{Character Box Dead|image=ITD Norma Neutral.png|articlename=Norma (Video Game)|name=Norma}}
==='''Comic Series'''===
{| width="100%"
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Walking dead compendium 1.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead: Compendium One|Compendium One]]'''<br />'''9.7/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Compendium 2 Cover .jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead: Compendium Two|Compendium Two]]'''<br />'''9.4/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:TWD-Comp-3-cover-mock.jpeg|145px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead: Compendium Three|Compendium Three]]'''<br />'''9.8/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:The-walking-dead-125-cover-900.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Volume 25: No Turning Back|Vol. 25: No Turning Back]]'''<br />'''8.7/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:TWD V26 CTA Cover.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Volume 26: Call To Arms|Vol. 26: Call To Arms]]'''<br />'''9/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:IMG 7959.JPG|145px]]<br />'''[[Volume 27: The Whisperer War|Vol. 27: The Whisperer War]]'''<br />'''7.5/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Volume 28 Cover.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Volume 28: A Certain Doom|Vol. 28: A Certain Doom]]'''<br />'''7/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:TWDA.png|145px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead: The Alien|The Alien]]'''<br />'''9/10'''
====[[The Walking Dead]]====
{| width="100%"
| valign=top align=center | [[File:TWD-Key-Art-357.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Season 1 (TV Series)|Season 1]]'''<br />'''9/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Walking-Dead 510.jpeg|145px]]<br />'''[[Season 2 (TV Series)|Season 2]]'''<br />'''7.5/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:523524 526729690686527 1940995088 n.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Season 3 (TV Series)|Season 3]]'''<br />'''7.5/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Poster mini.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Season 4]]'''<br />'''7.7/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:TWDS5OfficialPoster.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Season 5]]'''<br />'''8/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Key art.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Season 6]]'''<br />'''8/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Werejustgettingstarted.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Season 7|Season 7]]'''<br />'''7/10'''
====[[Fear The Walking Dead]]====
{| width="100%"
| valign=top align=center | [[File:FTWD S1.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Season 1 (Fear The Walking Dead)|Season 1]]'''<br />'''7/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:AMC FTWD 2 Key Art.jpg|145px]]<br />'''[[Season 2 (Fear The Walking Dead)|Season 2]]'''<br />'''6.3/10'''<br />''<small>(as of "[[Blood in the Streets]]")</small>''
{| width="100%"
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Webisode Torn Apart.jpg|150px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead Webisodes: Torn Apart|Torn Apart]]'''<br />'''7/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Webisode Cold Storage.jpg|143px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead Webisodes: Cold Storage|Cold Storage]]'''<br />'''7.5/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:The Oath Title.png|188px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead Webisodes: The Oath|The Oath]]'''<br />'''8/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:ThJVC7IC5J.jpg|150px]]<br />'''[[Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462|Flight 462]]'''<br />'''5.5/10'''
==='''Video Games'''===
{| width="100%"
| valign=top align=center | [[File:TWD E1.jpg|175px]]<br />'''[[Season 1 (Video Game)|Season 1]]'''<br />'''9.4/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:400 Days Banner.png|175px]]<br />'''[[400 Days]]'''<br />'''8/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:Walking Dead Season 2 TT Cover.png|175px]]<br />'''[[Season 2 (Video Game)|Season 2]]'''<br />'''9/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:MichonneEpisode1KeyArt.jpg|175px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead: Michonne|Michonne Series]]'''<br />'''7.5/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:TWD S3 Cover.jpg|175px]]<br />'''[[Season 3 (Video Game)|Season 3 (A New Frontier)]]'''<br />'''8.3/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:TWD-Road to Survival App.jpeg|99px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead: Road to Survival|Road to Survival]]'''<br />'''7/10'''
| valign=top align=center | [[File:TWD Dead Reckoning.jpg|175px]]<br />'''[[The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning|Dead Reckoning]]'''<br />'''7/10'''
<gallery widths="200" captionalign="center" position="center" hideaddbutton="true">
Walking dead comic gov.jpg
Issue 153 - Negan & Brandon (1).png
682517-the walking dead 22 23.jpg
IHW Preview 4.png
Group Discussion.jpg
TWDSeason6B Finale Negan Teaser Promo 01.jpg
{{!}}-{{!}}Favorite Pages=
==='''Favorite Pages'''===
#[[Comic Series Characters]]
#[[Cover Gallery]]
#[[Comic Timeline]]
#[[Video Game Characters]]
#[[TV Series Characters]]
#[[Rick Grimes (Comic Series)]]
#[[Rick Grimes (TV Series)]]
#[[Andrea (Comic Series)]]
#[[Negan (Comic Series)]]
#[[Lee Everett (Video Game)]]

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