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My name is NinjaFatGuy! I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead, mainly the comics and the video game. Although, I love the television series. I have all The Walking Dead volumes, books and both compendiums -- with a collection of most the issues.

Owned Media

Volume 1-Days Gone Bye
Volume 1: Days Gone Bye
Volume 2-Miles Behind Us
Volume 2: Miles Behind Us
Volume 3-Safety Behind Bars
Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars
Volume 4-The Heart's Desire
Volume 4: The Heart's Desire
Volume 5-The Best Defense
Volume 5: The Best Defense
Volume 6-This Sorrowful Life
Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life
Volume 7-The Calm Before
Volume 7: The Calm Before
Volume 8-Made to Suffer
Volume 8: Made to Suffer
Volume 9-Here We Remain
Volume 9: Here We Remain
Volume 10-What We Become
Volume 10: What We Become
Volume 11-Fear the Hunters
Volume 11: Fear the Hunters
Volume 12-Life Among Them
Volume 12: Life Among Them
Volume 13 Too Far Gone
Volume 13: Too Far Gone
Volume 14: No Way Out
Volume 15: We Find Ourselves
Volume 16: A Larger World
Volume 17: Something to Fear
Book 1
The Walking Dead: Book One
Book 2
The Walking Dead: Book Two
Book 3
The Walking Dead: Book Three
Book 4
The Walking Dead: Book Four
Book 5
The Walking Dead: Book Five
The Walking Dead: Book Six
Twdbook07 cover
The Walking Dead: Book Seven
The Walking Dead: Book Eight
The Walking Dead: Omnibus One
The Walking Dead: Omnibus Two
Walking dead compendium 1
The Walking Dead: Compendium One
Compendium 2 Cover
The Walking Dead: Compendium Two
Walking dead surivors guide
The Walking Dead Survivors' Guide
The Walking Dead: The Covers - Vol. 1
TWD: Rise of the Governor
TWD: The Road to Woodbury

Walking Dead Comics

Here is my expansion of all books/issues of the Walking Dead Comics

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