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  • I am meme

"A strong man stands up for himself. A stronger man stands up for others."

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Hail LuLWuT! Hail Hydra!

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The gayest chat mod ever!

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Trucks, babes and Chick-fil-A

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Vive la Révolution!!
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We're the nerd brothers


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Spreading the verb everywhere.

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Shut up or I'll put poison in your tea!

Image This user, if given the choice, would save Kenny over Luke.
Kenny is love, Kenny is life.
Circuscharlienes This user thinks oldschool games are better than newschool games.
How about NES?
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" The Motherfucker who lived - Zorry Potter, Juan Dolores Umbridge, and Lord Negandemort - Potterhouse wizards"
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"A badass"
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The longest-serving Janitor on this wiki.

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Long live the golfers!


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Ruck won't get a new hand, he'll die


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News, Reviews and more in any medium!

Rick what the fuck are you doing here


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  • I created the 4,000th page.
  • This is Cam's 11,000th edit
  • I happened to have STOLEN the coding off Ghost's page for my favorite sections.
    • Typing something all in caps in the middle of a sentence to show that I'm yelling is really funny haha.
  • I'll be real with ya, I hate The Walking Dead. I'm just here for the memes at this point.
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