Hershel billy Courtesy of Lavendeln, really enjoyed it, thank you.

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About Me

My real name is Bruno. I'm a 17 years-old sexy Latino who is about to start college (so maybe I'll get on less often from now on :(). I live in a small town in the Brazilian state of Paraná.

My first real contact with The Walking Dead was in 2013 with the Telltale Video Game series, although I've heard about it before from several friends who read the comics/watches the show. The medias that I follow are the Comic Series, the Video Game and the TV Show as in my country (or at least my state/city) it's really hard to find the Novel Series, or they cost a fuckton of money.

My all-time favorite characters are Billy Greene and Omid and I am what some people might call a "Daryl hater". He was one of the reasons I stopped watching the AMC TV Show for some time.

Fuck You Negan stop vandalizing my fucking page you piece of shit

My Favorite Characters

The Walking Dead haves some great characters. But some of them grew on me more than the others. Here is a list of my favorite characters of each media.

Comic Series (In Order)

Honorable Mentions

Least Favorite (In Order)

Video Game (In Order)

Honorable Mentions

Niggas that didn't made into the list of favorites, but are still my niggas.

Least Favorite (In Order)

TV Series (In Order)

Honorable Mentions

Least Favorites (In Order)

My Top 5 Deaths

Comic Books

Deaths that shocked me, made me sad, I enjoyed or simply are the deaths of my favorite characters in the Comic Books.

Video Game

Deaths that shocked me, made me sad, or simply are the deaths of my favorite characters in the Video Game.

Wiki Friends (In no Order)

Feel free to add yourself if I forgot u. I'm lazy anyway so lol.

Avatar History

Funny Quotes that made me lost my shit

"When Franklin and Lamar are in the cunt"
Masta a little confused about GTA V story
"Mastebating is when the boy pulls the pee-pee\"
Naruto explaining what mastebating is
"Nigger, Better, Create A Character Feature"
Drummer wanting some changes in the Social Game
—Vandal on A played too much Zelda for the Phillips CD-I
"Andrea's Vagina, Negan's Balls

Other unamed testicles, More unamed testicles "

—Anon spoilin Issue 123's deaths better than anyone
"Clementine be a original gangsta character n' tha deuteragonist up in Telltale Games' Da Walkin Dead: Season One n' tha main protagonist of Season Two fo' realz. A mature, kind n' polite girl, she acts as tha moral compass of tha group, n' tries her dopest ta maintain tha humanitizzle of tha crew up in a post-apocalyptic ghetto. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! After losin tha playas dat was tha closest ta her, Clementine becomes hardened n' mo' mature on her outlook yo, but still bravely overcomes tha dangerz of a post-apocalyptic ghetto head-on n' tries her dopest ta maintain a shitload of her previous faith up in humanitizzle intact n' hope, hangin on ta what tha fuck Lee taught her n' her own joints "
—Vandal resuming Clementine's character.
"I jerked off to her before. How could I do that? It's easy. Look at her Maxim photo shoot and just beat your meat. It's just as easy as one-two-you're done and you got it all over your hands. You'd probably stick it in her ass. You're a sick fuck you bastards. Nah, you're good. I would do ass to mouth with her. And those tits, they are fantastic. Now I'm going to beat off again."
—Vandal on Lauren Cohan's page making me hard.
"I want Andrea to sit on my face."
Negan TWD speaking for all the wiki's males
"they are gooing to make puberty"
—Naruto about what Bob and Sasha will do next
"It is also revealed in this episode that Beth is a 7,000 year old demon that sucks out people's souls for nourishment. She is constantly fighting Judith, as her greatest fear is babies, and has attempted to kill her on a few occasions. Her real mother is Carol, and they have combined to form Becarthol in times of great stress. Beth is approximately 15 feet tall and 500 pounds with razor sharp fangs and barbed tails. Her mate is Andrew Nee. When she gives birth, she gives birth to cocoons which then turn into her spawn. She is also a satanist and whose formers minions were cougs until she began to kill them for enjoyment. Hopefully, somebody picked up Judith and threw her at the demon, which would thusly kill her forever."
—Vandal revealing the truth about Beth Greene
—Vandal on Joe's page
"Joe the jew"
User:FrisbeeDoge helping out the above vandal
"Rick and Negan take off their shirts and kiss"
—Vandal spoiling the plot of Issue 124
"For some reason when I looked at this, I started coughing hysterically then came so hard my balls literally imploded and came out my uretha."
GRANDMASTA replying to an Anon on the forum
"jews a good movie"
"punch you in the titts lol"
—One of Anarchy's socks threatening Kaley on chat
"Suck my cock fag"
—Anon telling Cam to suck his cock fag
"I Played Surviala Incest"
BlueHatchet talking about his gaming experiences
"Ben is walking the streets towards the waterfront with the rest of the group when he realizes that he may or may not have a small penis like Gravelord"
—Anarchy about Ben Paul and Grave
"Penis abstain"
—Vandal on Glenn's video game page
"I put Muzzurra in my hyundai and drove it to Holden's vagina"
Vince pretending to be Scott Gimple on chat
"Lori is a main charector. She was Rick Grimes wife, Carl Grimes mother and Judith Grimes mother. She never meet Jusdith. She had been very protective of Carl. She had a slight affair with Shane Walsh, when she thought Rick was dead. Though when he came back , she became the loyal and loving wife she shoul be, she pushed Shane to the side. She died of blood loss, intense pain and shook while giving birth by sea-section to her daughter Judith, who she never meet"
—some amazeballs info about Lori provided by a user I'm too lazy to check
—Anon expressing his love for Carver on a blog.
"I dunno what this means"
Dracula about "irony"
"You step outside, you risk your penis. You take a drink of water, you risk your penis. And nowadays you breathe, and you still risk your penis. Every moment now...you don't have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking your penis for. Now, I can make these people feel better with a new penis and hang on a little bit longer. I can save lives and penis. And that's enough reason to risk mine...I fucked my daughters..."
—Vandal on TV Hershel's page. You still risk your penis, even if you're a girl
"run it's RETARDZILLA!"
Lee about the last fight in "Foodfight
"It's a fucking bear grylls machete made by gerder designed by bear grylls the survivalist ass hole"
—Anon sending a love letter to Cam
"Don't change it again you ass hole motherfucker it's not what you call it it's a bear grylls machete . I owned one it had bears signeter . It's even got BG on the Handel asshole. Don't fucking change it"
—The same anon sending yet another love letter to Cam
"fuck you and the dick u rode in on asshole"
—some guy owning Negan
"Beth Greene makes my penis flaccid."
Negan TWD

See Ya Later! The walking team

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