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  • I live in Palawan, Philippines
  • I was born on March 31
  • I am Male

Walking dead tv morgan 2 "I have to clear."
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Alice 18 #WeWantAliceTWD
This user wants to see Alice in the TV Show.

AmTR Real Bad Timing This user hates Luke.
He prefers sex over sighseeing.

Who am I?

I am Ramonce12345, or just call me Racky for short. I've been editing articles if there's any poor english on the article.

  • I've joined the wiki since August 31,2013
  • Didn't won at TWD User Awards for being a "Best Avatar" user.

Fan Templates

Walking-Dead-311-19 This user is a fan of Merle Dixon.

"Slow down, beaner."

Billy Gun edited This user is a fan of Billy Greene.
The sharpshooter with a stubble who got more action than Spencer without even trying.


This user is a fan of Ezekiel.
Long live The King!
EP4 Angry Lee

This user is a fan of Lee Everett.
Lee's great!

HershelFan This user is a fan of Hershel Greene.
"Get off my land!"
Omid Dixon Kent III This user is a fan of Omid.

Long live the cripple fighter!

Prey7 This user is a fan of Milton Mamet.
Long live the Tea Maker!
Andrea Edit This user is a fan of Andrea.
Long live the badass sharpshooter!
Alice Edit This user is a fan of Alice.
Long live Alice!


This user is a fan of Dwight.

Long live the crossbow wielding bad-ass!

TWD-Episode-414-Main-590 This user is a fan of Carol Peletier.
You don't need to like what I did. You just have to accept it!
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This user is a fan of AMC's The Walking Dead.
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TWD Volume 20 logo "The zombie movie that never ends."
This user is a fan of Image Comics' The Walking Dead.



I'm Racky, from Palawan. I joined the wiki in August 2013. After being banned from a community last year, I came here to edit and help. Thanks. I'm a fan of TWD and COD Series. I can't wait to watch the walking dead!

Hater Templates

ATR Michelle Glock This user hates Michelle.
You couldn't let Omid last more than 10 minutes?
ATR Christa Winchester This user hates the restroom door.
You killed Omid, you fucking door!

Favorite Characters

TV Series (Top 10 Characters)


Video Game

NTL Lee Shed Box
IHW Clem Bruised
ATR Omid Outside
IHW One Eyed Kenny
IHW Alvin Happy
IHW Bonnie Scheming
SFH Mark Sky
IHW Vince Stockroom
IHW Luke Firepit


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