Who am I ?

My name is Daryl Bradson, and im from Seattle and im 17 years old. When i first heard of The Walking Dead i thought"Damn, this sounds good, better than all this unlogical zombie shit!" So i started reading the comics (all issues so far) and became a maniac lol. The TV Series is sofar just amazing, and i got a new favourite character DARYL "FUCKING SQUIRREL HUNTING" DIXON! I also played the video game and i like it :)) Sandm4n


pure epicness :)

  • 50 (done)
  • 100 (done)
  • 150 (done)
  • 250 (done)
  • 300 (done)
  • 350 (done)

    Rick in Season3

  • 400 (done)
  • 500 (done)
  • 600 (in progress)

My Favourite Characters (TV Series)

My Favourite Characters (Comic Series)

My Favourite Characters (Video Game)

Favourite Weapons

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