• I live in Brazil
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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About Me

Hello to whoever is reading this. My name is Sheeva, or at least the name I use in all virtual medias like wikis and videogames. My first contact with The Walking Dead was through the Telltale´s videogame, then I started to watch the series, and I don´t read the comic books for the simple reason that I´m not too fond of comics. I always liked to search and edit wikis, but I don´t know why I never created an account until now. I don´t have the habit of editing that much, only on wikis that are still small and need a lot of work, but I do like to make spellchecks and correct grammar mistakes on pretty much everything I read, mainly because I love learning new languages and for a long time of my life I wanted to be a portuguese and english teacher. I also enjoy a lot of other things like writing musics, stories, fanfics, playing video games, playing guitar. I think that´s pretty much it. Thanks for reading! :)

Xbox 360 gamertag: Sheeva909 , if anyone wants to play something with me.

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Okay, enough with things that I like or hate. Thanks for Reading till the end!

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