• I live in Massachusetts
  • I was born on August 25
  • I am Male
Its ok mama "We lost a good man."
This user has left the Wiki.

Goodbye, all. I'm officially done with this wiki. It's been an interesting experience, but I'm out. Any closing comments any of you may want to say to me can be left on my talk page, but I will not respond to them.

About Me

Hey, my real name is Collin, but (obviously) my account name is Shellturtleguy, but please call me "Shell" or "shell" if you please, because Wikia doesn't allow accounts to begin with a lowercase letter.

I love The Walking Dead and will always edit on this wiki to help make it better. I have acquired all of the Volumes, Seasons available for purchase on DVD, and every episode of TellTale's The Walking Dead Video Game, including the DLC 400 Days, as well as the Survival Instinct Game (incomplete due to it being thoroughly rushed and not play-tested enough). I also possess a lot of Walking Dead T-shirts as well as other various zombie-related shirts. If you couldn't tell, I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead and everything it has to offer.

I happen to be bisexual and am obsessed with TV Carl. I think Chandler Riggs is an underrated actor and is sexyyy <3.

Favorite Characters

My favorite TV Show character is Tyreese because Chad Coleman is a fantastic actor and Tyreese has been handled really well I'd have to say. Believable character who can turn from big teddy bear to suicidal in one episode <3.

My favorite Comic Series character is Eugene Porter, because he's expressed his absolute loyalty to Rick after telling Negan off, which takes "huge fucking man-sized balls."

My favorite Video Game by TellTale Games character is Alvin because he's very caring towards Rebecca, even though she can be a handful at times, he's kind to Clementine, is generally optimistic and funny, and he's a very likable guy <3.

Who and What I'm a Fan of

TV Show

TFG Carl Death Eyes This user is a fan of Carl Grimes.
Long live the hardcore killer.
Tyreesesunlight This user is a fan of Tyreese.
"I forgive you."
Walking-Dead-311-19 This user is a fan of Merle Dixon.

"Slow down, beaner."

Original-1- This user is a fan of T-Dog.
"Don't gimme that gangsta shit."
Quality Axel This user is a fan of Axel.
You follow me?

Comic Series

115 Negan 3 This user is a fan of Negan.
Long live the big swinging dick and his vampire bat, Lucille!
103.6 This user is a fan of Paul Monroe.
Long live the Hilltop bad-ass, Jesus.
EzekielBanny This user is a fan of Ezekiel.
Long live The King!
ShivaBan1 This user is a fan of Shiva.
She doesn't like violence!
Richardkingdom This user is a fan of Richard.

R.I.P. Richard. You were like family to Ezekiel.

Video Game by Telltale Games

Season 1

EP4 Angry Lee This user is a fan of Lee Everett.
Long live Lee!
ATRT Omid Wide This user is a fan of Omid.

"You ruined that dude's face."

Season 2

IHW Run Out Of Road This user is a fan of Alvin.
"You take care of my girls. I get the feeling it's gonna be a girl... Just a hunch."
AmTR Rebecca Revolver This user is a fan of Rebecca.
"Gimme the fuckin' pills!"

What I'm not a Fan of

ATR Christa Winchester This user hates the restroom door.
You killed Omid, you fucking door!

What I'm a Part of

TeamSS This user is a fan of Shellturtleguy and SilentGlaive: The SS.
The GGG team isn't the only team now. :3

My Favorite Characters (Comics)

Negan Profile
Heath 121 iuer4

My Favorite Characters (TV Show)

Season four sasha (2)
Season four zack

My Favorite Characters - (Video Game by TellTale Games)

Season 1

AHD Kenny Fireplace
ATR Omid
LRA Doug Motel
SFH LarryBox

400 Days (DLC)

Epilogue Vince Glare
SS Joyce Evening
Nate Glance
259 Boyd Box

Season 2

AHD Alvin MH
AHD Carver Night
AHD Carlos Windmill
AHD Sarah Cabin
AHD Luke Dinner
AHD Nick Windmill
AHD Pete Truck

My Favorite Characters to Use (Assault Game)



  • I'm Native American, Polish, Irish, and French. 
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