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This user is a fan of AMC's The Walking Dead.
S5E8 Rick 56.jpg This user is a fan of Rick Grimes.
"We're not too far gone."
TWD-Episode-414-Main-590.jpg This user is a fan of Carol Peletier.
You don't need to like what I did. You just have to accept it!
S5E8 Daryl 24.jpg This user is a fan of Daryl Dixon.
Long live the Darylocracy!
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"Slow down, beaner."

My Favorite TV Series Characters

Daryl Dixon (TV Series)
Carol Peletier (TV Series)
Negan (TV Series)
Michonne (TV Series)
Rick Grimes (TV Series)
Anne (TV Series)
Dwight (TV Series)
Merle Dixon (TV Series)
Theodore Douglas (TV Series)
Glenn Rhee (TV Series)
Dale Horvath (TV Series)