aka Bestest

  • I live in Hilltop (Oh wait, Sanctury) ;)
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is The mayor of the walking dead wiki and loyalty to users.
  • I am Male
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My honor for you TWD Wiki Users! Our work, our edits, our courage. For Our Wiki!

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Let me Introduce to you!

Hello Walkers! Welcome to my page! My name is TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER aka Bestest and my real name is Miles, I have a hearing loss when I was born but I have coupler implant and it's really help me to hear. Yes, it's kind hard to explain... Anyway, In 2010, in my grandmother house, I see something very interesting on the T.V. about the walking dead show and what is it about? Zombies? Of course, the survivors' stories of the walking dead! I'm in love with this story and I was anon in this wiki for few months until User DarkShadow want me to join wiki so I did. I met an amazing and legend users who are my friends. So I read comic, watch TV show, and play video game. The walking dead are one of my favorite in my life! It would be amazing if our future users who helped us to create more pages for the walking dead wiki. One TWD to rule them all, One TWD to find them, One TWD to bring them all and in the darkness bind them... 

I'm very kind, funny, sensitive, positive, good friendship, and SMILE TO YOU ALL! If you want to talk and let me know and I'm here for ya! P.S. I won't bite :)  

Yup! ;)

Sincerely, Bestest


Favorite Character

My favorite character is Ruck Grumes! Okay, We all know that he is an legendary character but Why? Because the first time I read the comic and I find him very, very interesting that he is one of my top 10 favorite! He is actually the first survivor in the walking dead history. He is one true badass character that I've ever seen. There I said it.

Favorite Wiki

Of course, it is you! Because you guys are sooo hard-working and amazing heart users out there! WIN THE AWARD FOR THIS WIKI!

The first mayor of the walking dead wiki

 Users have elect me to become the walking dead wiki as new Mayor that we never have before! It is my job to work on with users and check on the wiki if everything is doing alright. I have to decision for my new successor as future mayor. If I retired or leave the wiki and it's time to hand the next new mayor of the walking dead. That's the code. If you don't want to be mayor then ask someone (very trust user) would take your job. Thank you and good luck to you all.

Mayor- Bestest

Vice or Deputy Mayor- Pigpen077

Successor- Pigpen077


1. Once again as Mayor XD 2. My lover is Juan 3. Been as anon in this wiki for few months 4. Favorite animal: Monkey! 5. Deaf 6. College student and Spartan soldier 7. Who am I again? 8. Harry Potter (The biggest hardcore fan right here) 9. Biggest crush is Victoria Justice 10. Bad English sometime even grammar 11. Favorite show: Ed, Edd, n Eddy

More to come for Trivia will be coming soon.

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