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The following are honorable comments quoted by various users about TheSamBuckley.


"...Your edits are impressive."
- December 6, 2013

Axel TWD

"...Thanks a lot for cooperating."
- July 26, 2013


"...Great work on the things you have done, much appreciated."
- August 1, 2013


"...You are such a great man."
- June 17, 2014


"...YOU'RE the King of the wiki!"
- March 1, 2014


"...I'm sure you have broken some kind of editing record."
- October 4, 2013


"...Constantly adding and fixing the content here."
- October 5, 2013


"...You will always be the best person on this wiki. YOU ARE THE WIKI!"
- March 1, 2014


"...TheSamBuckley, I salute you, and your editing."
- September 9, 2013


"...Great work on your contributions, you're one of the best users on this wiki!"
- December 23, 2013


"...I think you would make a great admin."
- October 22, 2013

"...You are a master!"
- November 5, 2013


"...You are easily the best editor on this wiki and are not cocky at all."
- March 10, 2014


"...A good editor, a nice person, and fixed a lot of mistakes on the wiki."
- September 15, 2013

"...You've made a ton of edits and you're well organized."
- October 4, 2013


"...You are one of the best editors here."
- August 24, 2013

"...I don't understand how it's possible for someone to contribute so much in such short time."
- October 23, 2013


"...Countless edits and added much more content to the wiki."
- August 21, 2013

"...You have the highest current edit count on the video game articles."
- October 4, 2013

"...You are very good at visual design, definitely one of the best I have seen."
- November 5, 2013

Never more0122333

"...A real member of a wiki like this. Your edits and work is awesome."
- October 26, 2013


"...You serve perfection and information as it should."
- August 31, 2013


"...You have been a great addition to this wiki. Your edits have been high in quality and quantity. Your activity keeps the wiki running, and you are always on top of vandals and disruptive users."
- October 4, 2013

"...I think you could be an excellent admin."
- November 3, 2013


"...If you're not the definition of a constructive user, I don't know what is."
- October 25, 2013

"...We've both vastly helped out the wiki and will continue to do so."
- October 30, 2013


"...You're a great editor."
- September 13, 2013

"...You are one of the best editors here."
- October 4, 2013


"...One of the finest editors. You are a hero editor!"
- March 4, 2014

"...Such a good loyalty editor to us."
- March 19, 2014


"...You are truly a great editor."
- September 3, 2013

"...No question about Sam's editing skills and for once I never doubted it."
- October 8, 2013

"...I think you are a great addition to this wiki since you joined."
- March 24, 2014
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