Hi, my name is Peyton Walker a.k.a. Thewalkingdead123.

"If you don't have hope, what's the point of living?"
—Beth Greene


"Faith ain't done nothin' for us. And it sure as hell didn't do shit for your father."
—Daryl Dixon to Beth Greene.[src]


"We're not too far gone."
—Rick Grimes trying to negotiate with Philip.[src]
S5E8 Rick 56.jpg This user is a fan of Rick Grimes.
"We're not too far gone."


S5E8 Daryl 24.jpg This user is a fan of Daryl Dixon.
Long live the Darylocracy!
TFG Carl Death Eyes.png This user is a fan of Carl Grimes.
Long live the hardcore killer.
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"Karen didn't deserve this, David didn't deserve it... Nobody does!"
S5E4 Beth 82.jpg This user is a fan of Beth Greene.
Long live Beth!
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You don't need to like what I did. You just have to accept it!
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Kenny is love. Kenny is life.
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"Close your eyes and I'll make it quick"

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Long live Jeanette!
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Clearly the best character!
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Long live Little Ass Kicker.

Favorite Characters

Comic Book Characters

Carl Grimes (Comic Series)
Andrea (Comic Series)
Rosita Espinosa (Comic Series)
Aaron (Comic Series)
Sophia (Comic Series)

TV Series Characters

Daryl Dixon (TV Series)
Beth Greene (TV Series)
Andrea (TV Series)
Carol Peletier (TV Series)
Carl Grimes (TV Series)

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The Most Useless Characters

They will not be missed...

Allen (TV Series)
Ben (TV Series)
Paula (TV Series)
Jimmy (TV Series)
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