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I am WalkerMaimer, also known here as Vince, a 26 year old contributor from The Philippines. I watch everything within 'The Walking Dead TV Universe' because of the parallelism with the events happening in our reality and how these events affects a person's decision to survive. As for the games...Well, let's just say that I like playing some of them, I'm not really a fan of video games now. I'm also fond of reading the novels for its's amazing detail of character perspectives, and setiings. And, I love how the comic series evolved from just this typical zombie apocalypse story into a masterpiece a typical reader would appreciate, follow, and love.

As of this moment. I am kind of in 'hiatus' mode because I am now a licensed Nurse working in the frontlines against COVID-19 but when I am active I basically monitor, and edit pages here. Aside from that, I publish blogs to share with the community. And, I also jump into chat (including discord), and forums if I have the spare time. I guess that's just it! I am humbled by your presence in visiting my abode. Maraming Salamat!

If you have anything in mind you would like to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to go to my message wall or if you want to go back to previous messages for past references go here.


  • I therefore proclaim that the word "Salutations" is solely mine to be used. SO SUCK IT!
  • Kaley went ninja on me, busted my balls and stole my scooter.
  • I am married to Negan.
    • I'm his Wife #63.
  • I once won against that wise Woot in a battle for supremacy, The proof of my victory can be found in this holy battleground and whatnot. (BREAKING: Proof can't be found. I h8 u cumbot!)
    • He smashed me in a rap battle tho. 5:1
      • and smashed me again. 2:1
        • I vanished moments before our third battle. (Such a Pussy)
          • It appears he is also sexy. 9:7
            • In the end, I WON because HE LEFT THE WIKI! YAY! :(