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The Walking Dead is my all time Favorite TV show and Comic series!

I am one of those fans that CAN NOT stop talking about this show.

I was introduced to the TV show by my college roommate. I have only heard a little about the show before. Season 2 premier was less than a week away so AMC played a marathon of season 1. I started watching and was instantly hooked. For the life of me I don't remember what episode I watched first, all I remember was I watched the whole 1st season, just out of order.

I watched most of the season 2 episodes when they premiered, my roommates and friends started having a watching party as many as 8 people. Once season 3 rolled around I watched nearly every premier and by this season I started becoming a huge fan even though our watching parties started to die down. By the time season 4 came I considered myself to be a hard core fan, and my passion for the show continues to grow.

Some point at season 4 I finally started watching Talking Dead. Once season 5 started I started and still watch to this day every minute of the Talking Dead premier.

Very rarely do I miss an episode premier. I do the Walking Dead story sync, Play Dead. I am apart of of several Walking Dead discussion groups online and follow multiple TWD social media pages, both official and fan made.

About a month or two after season 5 of the show ended I finally got myself to start reading the comics. At first I really didn't want to because I didn't want the comics to ruin my views I had of the show, but I quickly got over that so I read the first volume of the comics. My first thoughts were it was pretty good, but just such a different medium than the show. Eventually I started reading more and more, planning to never read ahead of where the show was. After Made To Suffer arc I thought that was a good stopping point, but after a month I read some more. When I got to finishing Too Far Gone, which was where the show was currently on, I thought about it then I started reading ahead, more and more and more. Then shortly after Whispers Into Screams came out it books I was all the way caught up with the comics.

When Issue 145 hit the comic stores I officially started collecting the monthly issue, and I am at my store the day they come out. And from that point on I became a hard core fan of the comics.

My next step in my fandom of TWD has lead me to this: wiki edits and updates. While I do not contribute too much to these wiki, my knowledge of both the TV show and Comics is enormous and while I will never claim to be the #1 fan or even top 10. I am the most passionate person about these mediums that I know on a personal level.

Also asides from the TV show and comics I also play the Telltale series, which is amazing, I have not yet played season 3! I do not enjoy it as much as the other two mediums, but it is still awesome! I've played Survival Instinct too, and that's all I got to say about that game, which is not much at all.

Currently addicted to Walking Dead: Our World the mobile game. Play it everyday!

While I admit to be an absolute hard core fan of this series, there are several aspects of the series I have yet to venture. I still have yet to read the novels, but I have every intention in doing so. Nor have I played No Man's Land or Road to Survival, but with Our World out, it is the only mobile game I will be playing for now.

I have had the privilege of attending Walker Stalker Con in Chicago in March 2017 to meet the people who have been apart of this series. Actors/actresses I have met:

  • Lauren Cohan
  • IronE Singleton
  • Ryan Hurst (befored he was cast as Beta)
  • Steven Ogg
  • Josh McDermitt

Walking Dead Mediums Ranking

  1. TV Show
  2. Comics
  3. Video Games Telltale Series
  4. Our World
  5. Walking Dead Social Game
  6. Walking Dead Survival Instinct

The following info I have below is out dated!!!

Will re-edit everything over time

TV Season Ratings

Season 2 Return
523524 526729690686527 1940995088 n
Poster mini
Season5b Key Art
Key art
Season eight poster
Season eight poster 2

Favorite TV Characters In Order

Season nine carol peletier
Season nine daryl dixon
Season nine rick grimes
Glenn rhee s7
Season eight tobin
Season nine maggie rhee
Us Joe OS
Season eight morgan jones
Season eight aaron

Honorable Mention TV Characters In No Particular Order

Season four mika samuels (2)

Comic Book Volume Ratings

Volume 2-Miles Behind Us
Volume 3-Safety Behind Bars
Volume 4-The Heart's Desire
Volume 7-The Calm Before
Volume 8-Made to Suffer
Volume 10-What We Become
Volume 11-Fear the Hunters
Volume 12-Life Among Them
Volume 13 Too Far Gone
WalkingDead Vol18 WhatComesAfter
TWDV22 cover-666x1024
TWD V26 CTA Cover
Volume 31 cover

Favorite Comic Characters In Order

Issue 107 Holly
Andrea - Issue 165
Rick Issue 172
TWD 142 Paul Happy
TWD 142 Maggie Speech
TWD 142 Alpha Fair

Honorable Mention Comic Characters In No Particular Order

Annie 150
Billy Greene Volume 7 HQ
Dante 174
2018-04-04 (8)

Video Game Episode Ratings

AND Banner
SFH Banner
LRA Banner
AEC Banner
ATR Home Screen
AmTR Thumbnail
NGB Thumbnail

Favorite Video Game Characters In Order


Honorable Mention Video Game Characters In No Particular Order



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