Casting Suggestions for the future live action AMC's The Walking Dead The Final Season Telltale Series with some slight changes of the characters' roles:


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  • A prequel episode will appear in between episode 1 and 2 or 2 and 3:
    • It focuses on the perspectives of each kid character before Clementine and AJ's arrival.
    • Lilly will appear off screen possible at the end of the episode.
    • It also features Minnie's twin sister Sophie.
    • It reveals how Sophie and Minnie sold out to the Delta.
  • Opening scenes will feature in each episode in place of the narration openings:
    • Episode 1: The burning McCarroll Ranch when an off screen person shoots young AJ's caretaker in the nursery and opens young AJ's Locker.
    • Prequel Episode: Pre-apocalypse scene of Ericson School feature the kid characters before the outbreak.
    • Episode 2: The twins attempted escape by boat before being captured by the Delta.
    • Episode 3: Same as Episode 2, Lilly's first appearance since the prequel episode, Minnie kills Sophie.
    • Episode 4: young AJ inside the locker witness the murder of his caretaker by the person who reveals to be Clementine and opens the locker.
  • Nate will appear in the McCarroll Ranch flashback scene of the final episode instead of Eddie.
  • Cameo appearance of one of the original AMC Walking Dead characters (e.g. Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, etc.) at the epilogue of the final episode.
  • Physical appearances of the characters could change just like in the AMC TV series (e.g. Jessie's and Lydia's Hair color in the comics and the series)

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