Hey guys, 1WhoKnocks here with my first blog.

I found this post today and I'm not sure if anyone has stumbled upon this yet but it brings to me a different idea that maybe hasn't been discussed yet.


So this interview with David Morrissey discusses how the Governor has been dealing with the fallout from his massacre in "Welcome to the Tombs" and the deep and dark violence inside of him. David said that Phillip might even want to die but can't bring himself to kill himself and that he is haunted by his past.

What do you guys think, especially with the Governor's return tonight? I personally think he is irredemable and needs to be put down. I never saw the Governor as the type to seek forgiveness, have you?

I'm interested to hear the community's thoughts on this and welcome to my first blog.

Do you think The Governor is redeemable?

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