What if, in "When the Dead Come Knocking", Woodbury gets destroyed by a herd. The people of Woodbury could fight back in an epic, No Way Out/Blackwater style battle for the whole episode. But, after the battle's over and done, the Govenor will realize, Woodbury isn't safe. You know what is? The prison. What if Made to Suffer gets reversed and when the Govenor attempts to take the prison, Rick's group just wipes them out. The Govenor (the reason I won't call him Philip is because he isn't confirmed to be the same guy yet) and Merle and maybe a few others could survive and retreat to Woodbury where Randall's group has moved in. The groups join forces and set up the second half of the season's storyline. No matter how the next two seasons go, the group will be forced out when the fences go down. Can you guys see things going this way?

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