I'm wondering if the Governor's arc ends this season. I'm thinking things might go like this if it were to end differently.

In the first assault, Axel dies and everybody else lives.

Andrea sleeps with the Governor one last time. She gets up with a knife and ponders killing him (shown in promo) but then leaves for the prison.

Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Andrea are all captured. Andrea gets raped and Daryl loses one of his hands.

Rick, Daryl, and Michonne escape but Andrea is still in Woodbury. Michonne's katana is left at Woodbury.

The Governor executes either Tyreese or Morgan in front of the prison.

Andrea breaks out and stabs the Governor to death in Woodbury.

Rick does the "We at the Walking Dead" speech at the end

And I think before the season ended, the following would die in this scenario at some point: Axel, the Governor, Allen, and Ben.

50/50: Carol, Sasha, Tyreese, Morgan, Merle, Milton, Woodbury citizens, and Judith.

Safe: Everybody else.

This would be a very interesting way to go. Not having he full on assault could harm the storyline but maybe the Road to Washington could be a bloodier experience than in the comics.

Season 4 could then follow up with Abraham's group arriving at the war torn prison, talking about Washington.

Anybody else think it could go this way? So far, the core story has remained the same but every arc has ended differently from the comics (for the better. But would this be better?)

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