Will Hershel die? What does the Govenor want? Will Merle be a good person? (In retrospect, we really don't know much about him) Is one of the prisoners a serial killer?

Anyway, I hope Hershel survives because it would cripple the storytelling a little bit to kill him off. A guy gets bit, he dies. That's not progress, that's pointless gore. I don't think there is a serial killer because EW's article on them makes none of them sound like the type. Do Andrea and Michonne end up at the prison before the end of the season? That's what the big question is. I mean, how did the Govenor know about the prison and that it was secured? Does he keep it from Andrea and Michonne? Also, Beth is safe. At least for a while. Told you guys; she's the new Sophia.

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