Don't worry, this isn't another blog about adding a character status, there's been enough of that already.

Instead, I want to see what You lot think about a suggestion of mine.

You see how in the table of characters at the bottom of the page dead and zombie people are marked with italics, and determinant are with bold… But as I see on the example of Martinez's Group, Howard is missing, but 'assumed alive' by this system and therefore placed at the beginning - isn't it a little bit messy and making it look like he's still there somewhere to show up? (Don't ask, just a weird impression).

The idea is we add a font marking for characters with unknown status in order to clear this up a bit. A good question is what could it be, but I thought we could get dead/zombie characters as strikethrough ([s]) and put those missing in italics.

How about this? Tell me what You think below.