TWD Volume 20 logo Today, Perry talks about "Too Far Gone"

The most emotional episode I think i'v ever watched...EVER

Lets just get started before I curl into a ball and cry




So, This death actually annoyed me a little, Even though her mother was told that they couldn't pass the lake, She still stared at it instead of keeping an eye on her child that you could clearly see had a path beside her leading in and out of the forest. Yeah. Haterz Gon' Hate.

Hershel Greene

I..HATE....Writers....Why did you kil of this amazing guy :'o I loved him, Cried so hard when he died.  I couldn't beilve it. Idiot Gov.  -_-

The Gov.

Ding dong the witch is dead, I really liked this character, Sad to see him go.

Other things...

Judith Dead Or Alive?

Judith Bloodycarseat
Is Judith Dead or Alive? I personally think she is bitten but was taken out of her car seat before she could get any damage to her. And was shot by a unknown member of the milita or The Prsioners

Ty's Discovery

Ty discovers something on the wall, I have NO clue what it is. But who did it o.o Dun Dun dun...

Sorry this reveiw wasn't that long :s I was over whelmed ☺


4.5/5 Plot

3/5 Characters

4/5 Zombie Action

5/5 Deaths