Hello there! And today I'd like to share my view on how the bus (inmates) for overrun.

TWD Volume 20 logo Today, Perry talks about "Inmates" Bus


In the beginning of time...A bus was stranded in the open road, with no hopes of rescue. Ooh how?

All the residents inside the bus got trapped inside and where turning vastly.

So, how did this whole bus of people die in a short 24 hours?

My prediction

Well, I know its obviously clear how they died,maybe, but I'm going to share my opinion with you anyways.

So I think they broke down and decided to hide out in the bus for the night. One or maybe more walkers come along and get inside. Infecting the whole bus.


So, how did they get trapped?

Thats really all I had to say today

So yeah, Leave your comments in the comment boxes bellow and yeah...

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