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  • Archer ftw

    Hey everyone, the first image for Season 5 of The Walking dead has been released. Since I can't paste pictures, I'll give you the link to it.

    It really doesn't say much, and it does look like it's from the Season 4 finale, so I guess this means Season 5 starts off right where Season 4 ended. In my opinion, Season 5 should be pretty good, as it's entirely Scott Gimples work, and won't really be affected by anything Glen Mazarra did. 

    What do you guys think?

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    Hello everyone, since the holidays are coming up, i wanted everybody to have a little fun with an idea I got from Spoil the Dead.

    Basically, what you do is write a foiler synopsis for an upcoming episode. The rules are as follows:

    !. Try to make your synopsis as funny and ridiculous as possible

    2. No actual spoilers, obviously

    3. Give your foiler an episode title

    4. Feel free to bring back any dead character, as long as you give a ridiculous explanation for them living.

    5. Up to three foiler synopsis' per person

    6. Make up how you got your synopsis, it can be a buisness dinner with a cast or crew member, leak from the set, etc

    Ok, that's about it. Have fun! If this gets a response that's as good as what I hope for, then I'll add a pole for voting. …

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    another new promo

    October 11, 2013 by Archer ftw

    Hi everyone, another season 4 promo has been released. It isn't much, but I found it interesting.

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    New S4 promo

    September 28, 2013 by Archer ftw

    Hi everyone, AMC released another season 4 promo. Hopefully this link works for all countries:

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  • Archer ftw

    Hi everyone, AMC has released another season 4 set video, here it is:

    -A big thank you to TheSamBuckley, for uploading a version of the video available in all countries. 

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