Honestly, I haven't read the comics, but I would like for Tyreese to show up. They already have an actor for him, so I know it will happen.

Clementine and Campman- I would like for Rick's group to encounter Clementine and Campman, maybe Campman can appear hostile and they Rescue Clem. Though I guess It'd be hard to find an actor to look exactly like Clem.

Christa and Omid - Two of the only 3 survivors from Lee's Group not including Molly or Vernon or Glenn, I think it'd just be right for the legacy to live on.

Molly - I think that if Christa and Omid don't show up, Molly would be a good replacement.

Lilly Caul (Video Game) - I would like her to get what she deserves. Maybe show up hostile like Campman.

Anna Correa- Maybe she could reveal Crawford, Georgia to the survivors.

Gary Taylor - Maybe so Rick could figure out about what happened in Dead Reckoning

Eileen - We all know Eileen is already in the TV Series, but I mean for her to join Rick's Group so that they have her to feed Judith .

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