• Axel TWD

    The covers for Issue #146 and Book 12 have been released!

    It seems as though Maggie has come to blows with Rick once again! What could have prompted this violence between the two leaders? The last time Rick and Maggie were in a physical alteration was Issue #101. (Pictured Below)

    Meanwhile, Book 12 features an aged Rick and collects Issues #133 to #144.

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  • Axel TWD

    Three new covers have been released!

    Issue #134 features Jesus looking shocked at a walker. The description for the issue is "From whispers to screams." This cover is extremely relevant to the latest issue. Personally, I believe the whispers are coming from humans disguised as walkers, Michonne-style.

    Next up is the cover for Volume 22: A New Beginning, featuring Magna and her crew. While it's nice to see some new faces, I would love to see our old characters with their updated looks in color.

    Lastly, we have our cover for the fifth Omnibus. This book collects issues #97-120.

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  • Axel TWD

    Thewalkingdead.com has released new covers for Issue #132, #133, and All Out War Hardcover! 

    First up is the cover for #132, featuring Maggie and her baby! So glad to see these two, matching the simple description of "Happiness".

    The cover for #133 takes a turn in the opposite direction, with the description "Impending Doom", featuring two figures riding away from a horde.  

    Lastly, all of 'All Out War' will be available in Charlie Adlard’s raw pencils. I think this is an awesome opportunity to really appreciate Adlard's incredible work.

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  • Axel TWD

    Hey guys, 

    If you weren't aware, Robert Kirkman did an AMA on Reddit this afternoon, answering fan questions about everything and anything. I've highlighted some of the most interesting questions about The Walking Dead comic, TV series, and video game below. 

    Kirkman talks about his regrets from the TV series and comic, his role in the making of the video game, and answers questions on the latest events in Season 4 and "All Out War"!


    I remember reading an interview from a while back in which you said you planned on having The Walking Dead span about 300 issues. As of now, is this still the plan for you, or could it continue indefinitely? If so, could we ever see the story shift to a new group/location entirely?

    I do plan on doi…

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  • Axel TWD

    Issue 121 Preview

    February 8, 2014 by Axel TWD

    Hey everyone, 

    The preview is up for Issue #121, which will be available on February 12th! Here is the cover: 

    And the preview:

    If you haven't already heard, previews for All Out War are especially short as to not give away any plot details. So, what are your thoughts on the issue? It seems as if each preview frame poses a new question. What does Eugene hear? Where is Denise? And what will Ezekiel consider??

    Leave a comment below with your predictions for #121!

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