Hey guys, 

Right now, we have some users calling for the demotion of inactive staff members/admins, and other users patiently awaiting the results of their own staff request. As I was evaluating requests this morning, I had a realization. As the request process states, a majority of admins need to vote, but this is impossible to do when half of the admins are inactive.

Therefore, before we get to promoting users, we need to demote inactive admins. Shell and I have begun the process of contacting the inactive admins. We will be adding "Retired User" templates to the pages of no longer active admins.

I would like to ask all of you to remain patient as we contact all of them and obtain their approval. We will begin approving/declining requests as soon as the demotions are completed. I hope you all see that work is being done to move the process along, but sometimes unforeseen problems arise.

I hope this answered many of your questions. If not feel free to leave a comment, send me a message on my talk page, or email me at axel.twd@gmail.com. Thanks again.

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