Hey guys!  Wikia is starting a new series called "Guided Tour", where they ask experts from various communities to reveal what it is about their area of expertise they find so captivating.  It's a great way to begin a new franchise or genre without feeling overwhelmed.  And guess what-- the first topic is zombies!  

BanishU and I discuss different aspects of the zombie genre while recommending what to watch, and what to stay away from.


BanishU focuses on starting with George Romero's films before moving on to other zombie movies. He also talks about avoiding cheesy films like ""Zombies Vs. Vampires," and staying with films that focus solely on zombies. Lastly, he discuss zombie scares, and how a movie can frighten him over and over again.


I focus more on The Walking Dead, both the TV and comic series. I persuade people to look for more meaningful zombie stories, those that focus on making the undead a metaphor for a given crisis or as a reflection of humanity, rather than for the simple gore factor. I also suggest finding a friend or group to watch/read The Walking Dead with, because half the fun is predicting what will happen next! Feel free to talk to me about your predictions for the next episode/issue in the chatroom or by leaving a message on my talk page.

You can check out the full article and get more zombie recommendations here.

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