As many of you know, Issue #115 will be released this October, marking the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead. To celebrate, Issue #115 will have ten connecting variant covers. Each cover will highlight significant moments from each year of The Walking Dead. Above is the image of all ten connecting covers. Below are the individual covers in more detail. They are organized chronologically.

Issue 115 5th Variant
Year 1: Shane and Lori embrace while Rick and Carl adjust to the new world. Glenn and Maggie meet at the Greene farm.

Issue 115 9th Variant
Year 2: Michonne arrives at the prison with her two walker pets. Rick and Tyreese brawl while Andrea is pursued by Thomas Richards.

Issue 115 1st Variant
Year 3: Rick's hand is chopped off by The Governor and Michonne and Glenn are held captive in Woodbury.

Issue 115 7th Variant
Year 4: The Governor strikes the prison and there are many casualties, including Tyreese, Lori, and Judith. Andrea does her best to fend of the Woodbury Army.

Issue 115 3rd Variant
Year 5: Rick struggles with severe losses after the prison is attacked and Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita join the group.

Issue 115 8th Variant
Year 6: Rick and the group encounter The Hunters and deal with them ruthlessly, but not without a casualty, Dale.

Issue 115 4th Variant
Year 7: Rick and the others struggle to adapt to life inside the Alexandria Safe-Zone..

Issue 115 10th Variant
Year 8: The safety of the Alexandria Safe-Zone is endangered and Carl is gravely injured. Morgan is lost but Rick begins to find new hope.

Issue 115 2nd Variant
Year 9: The group suffers terrible losses in the form of Abraham and Glenn at the hands of Negan and The Saviors. Jesus, a mysterious and extremely skilled fighter, is introduced.

Issue 115 6th Variant
Year 10: Rick prepares to go to war against Negan and The Saviors with the aid of Ezekiel (The Kingdom) and Jesus (The Hilltop).
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10 Years

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