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Here are the newly released covers for Issue 125 and 126!

Here's the cover for 125:

"The f*ck f*cking f*ckity f*cking penultimate chapter of All Out Motherf*cking War!"

Jesus in a tough spot, Andrea doing what she does best, Negan laughing in the middle of war, and Dwight being…alive!

And 126:

126 Naked
"The Conclusion"

This cover features three huge characters: Michonne, Carl, and Negan. A few things are interesting about this cover:

  • Michonne is seen, which may refute the prediction that she will die in #120.
  • Negan is on his knees with a shadow approaching, holding Lucille. The image is very reminiscent of Negan's first appearance (#100), when he killed Glenn in a very similar fashion. Who could this shadow be? Rick? Carl? Dwight?

Covers of The Walking Dead have been intentionally misleading in the past, so it's very possible that the events depicted on the cover of #126 may not happen the way we think they will. Personally, I can't imagine Kirkman ending "All Out War" with something predictable.

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Which cover do you like more?

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If Negan dies in "All Out War", who will kill him?

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We've still got 7 issues left, but let's hear your predictions for the end of "All Out War"!

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