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I assume most of you have seen this by now, but we haven't had anyone post it to the wiki yet. Here's the trailer for the mid-season premiere, which will air February 9th!

Mid-Season Premiere Trailer The Walking Dead Season 4

Mid-Season Premiere Trailer The Walking Dead Season 4

I'm interested in hearing your predictions for the various groups that are now separated from one another. The groups are listed below. Feel free to tell me your season-long predictions, but I'm especially interested in hearing how you think the first few episodes back will go for these groups of characters.

Tyreese and The Children

Tyreese408 LizzieMikaTFG

Beth and Daryl

TWDS04E08M4-8 TWDS04E08M4A1

Sasha, Maggie, and Bob

TFG SMB Left Behind

Glenn and the Sick


Rick and Carl




Lilly and Tara

TFG Lilly Before Shooting TWDS04E08M1

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