Hi guys,

In case you haven't heard Issue 100 is going into it's third printing. Issue 101 is going to a second printing as well. The new covers are adding to the landscape image of Negan and his infamous weapon, the baseball bat named "Lucille". Issues 97, 98, and 99 already have gone to a second printing and feature the first half of the landscape image. A second printing for Issue 102 is very likely and will most likely feature the end of Miss "Lucille".

Here are the pictures of the new covers. Notice Negan's bat is covered with Glenn's blood? Yikes. Well, enjoy!

100 3rd Print 101 2nd Print

I thought that I would also include all five of the covers lined up for your viewing pleasure, so here they are!

97reprint 98reprint 99reprint 100 3rd Print 101 2nd Print

And since it's related I thought I would remind you all about the new fight on my profile! Vote on who you think would win in a fight between Negan and... Go to my profile to find out!

Also let me know who you want to see in future fights!

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