Hey guys!

I got early access to World War Z's Survival Challenge, and it's pretty awesome.

The survival challenge asks you a series of questions and determines how long you would stay alive post-World War Z. There are many games and quizzes similar to this, but what I liked about this Survival Challenge was that instead of answering a list of questions and then finding out how I did, the World War Z Survival Challenge let me know how I was doing after every question, telling me if I guessed the answer correctly or not.

The questions seemed practical to a zombie apocalypse scenario, such as, "What is the best way to break down a door?" and "How do you fight of hypothermia?". When you answer a question incorrectly, the time you are expected to survive goes down, which kept me anxious to keep my time above zero.

Lastly, if you submit your own survival question, you are entered in the chance to win an ultimate survival pack, which includes the following:

  • An iPad Mini
  • World War Z Bluray Combo Pack
  • World War Z Backpack
  • Hammock
  • Metal Water Bottle
  • Head Lamp
  • And more!

I'll post a link to the game as soon as it becomes available to the public and when it does, be sure to report back here and leave a comment with how long you would stay alive post World War Z!

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