So, these are only two from many articles out there right now. It seems that my prediction on this forum: may actually become true in the very near future. It seems that Michonne will also leave TWD after Season 9... I just wanted to say two words about this topic: not again... 

Season 9 has been so amazing, even without Rick and Maggie and with a lot of great news about the show over the past two weeks like this one: or even this one:  tbh I almost forget that behind our screens, our favourite characters are actually real life people who have contracts... and if they don't pay them, they're not gonna renew them.

The thing is that if Danai leaves indeed, the only original remaining characters who will be left in the show are gonna be Daryl and Carol (I know Michonne is neither a Season 1 character, nor a Atlanta Camp member, but I still consider her one of the oldest characters in the cast. Along with Maggie, they are/were the only characters introduced in Season 2 who are/were still on the show). I mean, if Michonne leaves, Tara will be the third name in the opening credits... I mean... damn. I'm tired of that shit happening all the time now... first Rick, then Maggie and now Michonne? I mean, who's next, Negan? At least, we know that Norman and Melissa have signed substantial new deals, so these two are hopefully not going anywhere anytime soon.

My final question to you, regarding this matter is: what do you guys think about this whole situation? Can the show suffer another deparure and will you still keep watching, even if that happens? I know I definitely will, but this is still very sad news.