Before we begin, I just wanted to say sorry in advance to my friend Freaky Ass Smile Lord about what it's going to follow, because he's not going to like it. It seems that Gabriel's time on the show has sadly come to an end... or will. And think about it for just a second before it makes perfect sence. Gabriel is connected with thee characters: His girlfriend, Rosita, Eugene and Siddiq. Now, a lot of people may ask how he's connected with Eugene and especially Siddiq. Well, at first he's connected with Eugene, because let's not forget that our Gabe boi has currently comic Eugene's story arc (well, at least kinda, with the radio storyline, being Rosita's actual boyfriend etc.). Yes, but what about Siddiq? How is he connected with him? Well, the answer is clear. Pure speculation. Based on the comics and also based on what we have seen on screen, it seems like Kang is actually doing the love triangle from the comics between Rosita, Siddiq and in our case Gabriel. Let me explain for a minute. To all our non-comic readers ou there, in the comics it's Rosita and Eugene who are together and not Rosita and Gabe. In two words, Rosita cheats on Eugene at some point during the time jump (we should also not forget that the comics didn't have two time jumps. Instead they had only the first time jump, which was about two or three years) and becomes pregnant with Siddiq's child. Now, this could turn out to be completely false, as I just already said it's based on pure speculation... but what if it turns out to be true? Plus, we shouldn't forget Negan's words to Gabe in the mid-season finale of this season about Rosita, as well as this deleted scene right here:  Hmmm...  pretty suspicious if you ask me. So, without losing any time, let's get into what I'm thinking it will happen right now. Gabriel is a character that if he dies, it will affect a lot of characters. So, if my speculation turns out to be true and Gabe actually dies, that means that: Eugene will finally take over his comic role, becoming the new radio user, after Gabe has taught him how to use it properly. In an interesting twist Rosita doesn't die, unlike the comics and actually gives birth to Siddiq's child, who she will promise to keep safe along with Eugene. But why along with Eugene, somebody could ask me. Well, my response is this: Gabe dies in the spikes and Siddiq actually takes Gabriel's comic death and dies during the Whisperer War. No way Siddiq dies during the spikes scene, as he's kind of a newcomer to the show and I higly doubt that they will kill him that early. So, Rosita is forced to take care of Siddiq's child along with Eugene, who later on will comfort Rosita about all the people she has lost and the two will eventually get into a love relationship, after be friends and known each other for so many years. This way, Eugene will not only finally take his comic role, regarding the radio storyline, but also his comic role, regarding his relationship with Rosita. Confused? Lol. Now, someone might also ask me: ok, ok your theory is fine, but what happens to Ezekiel? Isn't he going to be the big death for the spikes scene? And for once again, I will respond to him: No. Like Rosita, Ezekiel also doesn't die in the show. At least for the time being. Why? Well, because at first, we can't lose another leader in this season (we already lost Rick and Maggie in just one episode ffs. Now, some people may argue that we didn't exactly lost Maggie, as there are speculations for her return, but until that's confirmed from Lauren Cohan herself, this is just pure speculation.). Second, Robert Kirkman has stated that Ezekiel is one (of many) characters from the comics, he regrets killing still to this day. So, in an interesting twist Ezekiel may live to see another day. Moreover, tv Ezekiel is just simply way better developed character compared to his comics counterpart. That means that if they know what to do with him next and have creative ideas, they could a lot more with Ezekiel than they did with him in the comics. And last but not least Carol losing every love interest she has during the show has become very predictable and boring. Keeping Ezekiel around for a bit longer would bring a new fresh vine to Carol's character. That's it. Tah tah. Please, feel free to let me know what you think about my theory. And also, please, please, PLEASE just remember: THIS IS JUST MY PERSONAL THEORY ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. NOTHING MORE, NOTHINK LESS. JUST A THEORY.