The group in Oceanside continues to train in case the Whisperers return. Tensions are high as the heroes struggle to hold onto their concept of civilization.

Hello everyone! I'm back to review the premiere of season 10 a.k.a. "Lines We Cross". The specific episode was written by the current showrunner Angela Kang and directed by TWD guru Greg Nicotero. What I'm going to do in this review is writing the pros and the cons of the episode. So, without any further ado, let's begin!


  • The opening minutes truly were unlike anything they've ever done before. The CGI that was used for the satellite that crashed wasn't actually bad at all. I don't mind them trying new things, as long as they make sence and to be honest I could buy in that a satellite crashed to Oceanside.
  • The training on the beach was spectacular. Overall, the cinematography and music in this episode most of the time was in.
  • Part of the credits now include Rick facing off against the herd on the bridge in "What Comes After" changing to the bridge on fire with the ending featuring a herd moving towards the pikes marking the Whisperers' territory, the heads of their victims still upon the pikes. Nothing too special here, it was just a nice little change.
  • Aaron has to take the place as the most well-developed character in this episode. He has turned from a good hearted recruiter that the only thing he wanted was to help people to a complete badass, who doesn't take shit from anyone, anymore. Really hope he doesn't die this season.
  • Eugene was hilarious. Kang really knows how to handle this character. She proved once again that the problem with Eugene's character in the previous seasons wasn't the character himself rather than the actual writing of his character. Pretty crazy to think that Eugene was one of my least favourite characters in seasons 7 and 8 and now he may actually become one of my favourites.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan stole the show, once again.
  • The relationship between Negan and Lydia was very interesting, as they are both outcasts and I can actually feel for both of them. This relationship could lead to even more interesting storylines in the near future. Let's hope this is the case and that wasn't the first and only time Negan and Lydia interacted.
  • The battle sequence in the woods was marvelous! The CGI that was used for the fire was pretty good and we also had some magnificent zombie kills! Daryl throwing the axe at the falling tree has to be my favourite scene of the episode!
  • The final stare down was epic! We're in for some good sh*t ladies and gentlemen!


  • Did the dialogue felt off at times or am I the only one? For example, when Daryl and Carol were talking in the woods.
  • Carol has to stop to running away. Seriously, this story arc has become tiring.
  • The quadrangle story arc has to end. I cringe everytime I watch it on screen.
  • Dante was a creep, just like his comic counterpart, so nothing too surprising here.
  • The CGI deer... again. At this point, it has to be done on purpose, right?
  • The slow motion zombie kills felt off as well.
  • Blood puts out fire... like, really? I know it's a world full of zombies, so you don't have to demand realism all the time, but that was just ridiculous.

Overall, I thought the episode was a decent premiere episode and a pretty good way to kick off season 10. I am going to give this episode an 8 out of 10. Thank you very much for reading my review and of course, don't forget to comment what you liked in the episode and what you didn't! Peace!

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