I think that Rick, Michonne, and Carl will head off to find Morgan. I also think Merle and Darryl will continue with their journey and something will happen, maybe a conversation leading to a fight or something, I think Andrea and Ceaser will clear up Woodburry and Andrea will get Philip to let her go to the prison, Rick and Michonne will talk in Morgan's house and Michonne will express she thinks Morgan is crazy, then Rick finally gets a "Crazy" Morgan - maybe his son died so he's crazy - and bring him to the prison. I do not think Tyreese and gang will have much of a part but I may be wrong, I think Allen and Ben will just cope with Donna once they bury her and Sasha and Tyreese decide they have to watch Allen and Ben and make sure they don't try anything funny (like taking over the prison). I do not think Rick will find out what he wants to do with Tyreese, but I do think - as several people do, I'm sure - that Rick will let him stay.

I think Episode 11 will be Andrea going to the prison, Morgan trying to fit in, Rick making his final decision for Tyreese, and something going on in Woodbury. 

Tell me your thoughts - and, I've been curious, what was that ambulance or fire truck in the preview? Try and answer!

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