Ok, now that we've all seen the horrific trailer, I'm sure we are all very worried and confused about what is to come. We know that at least 12 people are going to die, well, 12 prison survivors. Those 12 are most likely the filler Woodburians, Also, someone from inside the prison has killed 2 themselves, leaving a controversy within the fences. For some reason, the majority of walkers are going to one small area of the fence, which can/will take it down.

         Later, we see that a few survivors (Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob) are driving away in a Dodge Charger. We don't see Rick with them, implying that they may be going off on their own. Once a large group of walkers is in the way, they must exit the car and clear them out. Tyreese seems hesitant to get out, but shortly, he does. He is then seen taking out a circle of walkers around him with his hammer. Shortly after, we see them in the car, when they hear a voice on the radio saying "Sanctuary - Those who arrive survive."

         So, my questions are simple. Who might this be? Where might they be? Will they make it? Why are Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob leaving the others? Will they meet again? Who's the killer? Where's Philip? (I'm gonna say at "Sactuary") While many other questions roam my mind, I feel that I've already registered a good quantity.

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