BanishU BanishU 2 March 2014

Jesus' Character Development

Hey there.

I have only just had time to read Issue 122 and I am sure that now, everyone knows Paul is part of the LGBT community (I say LGBT because I don't want to insinuate Paul being gay, even thought it is very likely he is homosexual, but since there are many other sexualitys out there where a man can like a man, I will wait for Kirkman to actually state it.)

Well I don't know what everyone else thinks, but Paul is my favorite character, and now that I have found out that he is LGBT, I love him even more. There are very few characters in the Comic Series who are LGBT, and making a bad-ass character such as Monroe LBGT makes the character even more better.

I seen a post somewhere that said, 'I don't see what's the appeal to making Jesus g…

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BanishU BanishU 17 September 2013

First Look At Issue 115

Hey there, an image was released recently showing one part of the first part of Volume 20: All Out War, Issue 115.

If you wish to read the article, see here. Enjoy :D

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BanishU BanishU 10 August 2013

Issue 113 - 7 New Pages Revealed!

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BanishU BanishU 7 July 2013

New Status.

Okay, here we go:

So, a blog was recently made with a compromise, a status for characters who have been confirmed to be dead, but no body has been seen, so...I did this. I made a new Status which should help with, not just calming people down over the whole Vernon dead/unknown case, but future problems like this.

There will be no need to make a blog asking what people think, if the character is said to be dead, and no body has been shown, such as Vernon, Kenny or TV Series Duane type of cases, then there will be no point in any edit wars, or blog...

The status is now "Presumed Dead". I hope this helps, it will be very useful in the future with Season 4 of the TV Series, Volume 19 and onwards and Season 2 of the Telltales Game. Also, a templat…

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BanishU BanishU 10 June 2013

Beth in the Comic?


Beth Greene is not in the Comic Series, and I thought for a moment she would never be introduced, but, it could be possible she is brought into the world as Maggie's daughter.

Maggie gives birth at the Hilltop Colony, and calls the baby Beth Greene, if a girl. It is slightly possible, I don't think it may happen...but there is a slight chance it could happen. This was an idea I had not long ago and thought I would post about it to see what others think, or, how else do you think she might be brought in the Comics? Even if it does not happen.

- Liam "BanishU" Michaels (talk) 15:52, June 10, 2013 (UTC)

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