Hey guys.

Sorry I have not been on for a few days, my internet has been too slow to edit, or even come on. I have managed to get on but it is still slow.

I am making this blog post to ask you people a question about the Season 3 episode, "Sick".

My question is, who do you think was spying on Carol. I have mixed ideas. My ideas are:

  • Andrew screamed because he was scared, he managed to escape by a close call. He found the hole Rick and his group used to get in, pulled out the wires and had been sitting in wait.
  • Woodbury already know about The Prison and have been hearing gunshots from the facility. They have been secretly watching the Prison, looking and observing the survivors and seeing what they have.
  • Dave and Tony's group (if not a part of Woodbury) have found the Prison, and want it, so they are seeing how many members there are and what artillery they have, and preparing an attack.

What do you think, or do you have your own ideas?

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